Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am a MODEL haha~


haha yes you're right! one that makes my life busy is taking some pictures!! :)
i really love it! hehe so now i'm going to show you my little "obras" on photos :)

the first two pictures is............... ME!! :)  this is the first time that i take a photo of myself like this, and this, and this! lols! i don't know if i feel embarrassed to show this to you, hehe :) actually i post this picture on my FB account, i thought no ones gonna like it or comment, but hey! i have lots of likes!! and  lots of compliments, hehehe so i decided to post it here too.. here's my pictures :)

actually i'm one of those "CHUBBY" like girls.. but i love my figure :)
for those who saw this post that are photographers, can you give me some tips?? i'm still a beginner.. :)
here's some pictures of my photography.. 

This is Bruno our Cute doggie, :) i think i post him here before. he's my first model on my photography :)

what do you think on my shots??
hope you like this post.. every comments are appreciated :) hihihi 


  1. You are very beautiful with a pretty face!
    I liked all the photos and the quotes!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. Wow, you have looks and talent! Your talents extend to your photography and not just nails.

  3. hey you are cute and bruno too

  4. Wow! Nice Shots! You're really pretty, and Bruno is super cute! :D

  5. I really love your pictures and you are a beautiful model too! Not chubby AT ALL in European eyes <3, nice features and nice smile :)

  6. wow your so talented i love all your works, multi talented indeed,, love your pictures, I believe your a beautiful person inside and out :)

  7. Hi doll, these photos are beautiful, great work!

  8. wow, too beautiful, Aileen!!! And i love your dog!!! Wonderful pictures too.


  9. Girl, WOW! You are very beautiful, and your photography is amazing and shows talent! Keep at it, you are wonderful

  10. Your photography is beautiful! I love the ones of your dog, so cute :). You are beautiful too! Following :)


  11. you look so pretty in your photos and your dog is super cute!
    the pictures you took are really good too. nice work : )

  12. You are so pretty, I can't believe your hair! Gorgeous! And your doggie is soo adorable!!!

  13. so pretty!
    love the photos!


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