Monday, September 3, 2012

Glitter Gal 3D Holographics Dark Purple

Hello Everyone!! ^_^

it's nice to be back on the blog world! It's kinda sad that i have lots of followers on my Instagram than here.. hehe! well i think that's explain being not sooooo active here. ^_^ Well.. i might be active here now, coz i have lots of nail art design to show you. But first i want to share some of my holographic swatches that i didn't upload before. Here they are!

If i'm not mistaken it is 2-3 coats. The formula is like DS Series that is smooth to apply. I love Glitter Gal Holographic nail polishes because they have linear holos and still have a strong color and not too streaky to apply!  ^_^ but the sad part is.. It's only 9ml and costs a lot of money!! I am so thankful to MoreNailPolish to offer this glitter gal swap! She's such a Fairy!!! ^_^

By the way! i have a LITTLE gift from Italy! Thanks for my sweetest friend ever named Frank! ^_^
here yah go!!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Layla Mirror Effect, Metal Chrome, Layla Hologram Effect ultra violet, mercury twilight, emerald divine, flash black and ocean rush. plus a hologram base nail file

swatches sooonn!!!!


  1. i have it too :) it's pretty awesome!

  2. I am envious. They are the polishes I am dying to get my hands on!


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