Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!!


Belated Merry Christmas every one!!! :) Sorry for late greetings.. hehe been very busy for these holidays, hmmm... i even forgot to create a Christmas mani.. lol so since i have a busy schedule i have here a simple Christmas Tree Nail Art for you! :) 

and of course when it's Christmas do i ever forgot my Christmas Nail Polish Haul?? Of course not!! these little things makes me happy!! LOL 

So here's what i got: (start from top left)
OMG "First Date" (local brand) 
OMG: "Banana Boat" (local brand)
CHIC "Blue Velvet" (local brand)
BOBBIE  "Jade"
ELF "Royal Purple" (i got this on online auction)
NU "laser glitter 054" (korean brand)
Teddy Bear Nail Polish "Glitter Polish" this is a gift from one of my sweet friend sis(ate)  Meann!! :)
BSJ   "17"  (Korean brand)
China Glaze "Zombie Zest" (i got this on online auction too) this is my favorite green shade as of now :)
L.A. Colors "Pink Sizzle" i really love this polish!! swatches will be posted soooonnnn! :) 
and last but not the least
CNA "Matte Top Coat"

what can you say about my little Christmas Haul?? :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UnderWater Magic of Sally Hansen Amber Ruby


today i will show yah some magic!! lol i really love Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Collection but the sad part is.. i own only ONE from that collection. You know Sally i love you for releasing these gorgeous nail polishes and i hate you for discontinuing it! :)  because of that i only have Amber Ruby on my stash. I really really love these polish! it turns into metallic red, gold, and green in some angles. Blue can also be seen but only for the underwater pictures.. Yes! today i'll show you some underwater shots of Amber Ruby(thanks Goose for this idea!) here's my underwater pictures, enjoy them!! :)

this is two coats over 24k Black Pearl

 Sally Hansen Amber Ruby Outdoor shot

i wish the underwater shots is the same as the outdoor shots! Hey Sally, we're not underwater creatures!! LOL

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My First One Stroke Technique -Hibiscus Flower-


yey! i have my first ever One Stroke Nail Art that i've been longing to paint on my nails for years!
haha :) it is not perfect though, but still i love it! haha well here's the pictures :)

these design is inspired by Hibiscus Flower :) 

hihihihihi i love the aura of being so girly in these design :) i love it!! LOL and i prefer it to be matte than a shiny finish :)
the nail polish i hold there in the pictures is a Matte Top Coat from CNA(Capher Nail Art) it is made in Korea. These is my first ever Matte Top Coat and it only costs Php120

hope you like my first attempt of one stroke technique :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

my Flakie Franken Inpired by Cult Nails Unicorn Puke pt.2


As i promised here's the swatches of my Franken Polish inspired by Cult Nails Clairvoyant (Unicorn Puke). Until now i can't think of a nice name that suits this polish. :) 

some of you asked me what did i used.. so here's the polishes i used :)

That is 24k Crystal Teal Green, 24k Crystal Rose Quartz, 24k Crystal Opal(not in the picture coz i used the bottle for franken the color is Violet Flakes) and of course Gosh Rainbow

i mixed all those flakies and created a very Fab Polish! :) before, i tried to layer all those four polish but the finish is really thick!! and those chunky flakes didn't scattered evenly.. so i prefer to mix them all, hehe 

you can try it too! try to experiment some polishes in your stash!! hope you like these post! :) 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My own made Unicorn Puke! :)


yes you read it right haha i made my own version of Unicorn Puke from Cult Nails. LOL
actually Unicorn Puke is just my inspiration.. hehe and tadah! this is the outcome of my experiment :P

actually i really don't know what will i name to this polish lol
puh-lease help me :)
i just swatch it on my left thumb :) 

i apply it over The Face Shop BK901

the picture below is Cult Nails Unicorn Puke(photo is own by Trace Face Philes)

this picture is own by The Trace Face Philes click HERE to go to her blog

enjoy! hope you like my Flakie Franken and help me name my franken :)

btw i cut my nails.. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Orly Space Cadet over The Face Shop BK901


how ya doin'?? :)  hehe Today i'll show you a Duochrome from Orly. My favorite Space Cadet :)
here are my pictures

since Space Cadet is one of those sheer polish i decided to layer it on black nail polish which is from The Face Shop BK901. I applied 2 coats of BK901 and 1 heavy coat of Space Cadet.
i love the outcome :)
i heard from other bloggers that The Face Shop BK901 is a dupe of OPI Unripened and yes they're almost the same :)


Sunday, December 11, 2011

HOLO WEEK: BSJ Holographic Nail Polish pt.2


this is another late post for my holo week :)
as i promised here's the swatches of BSJ Holographic nail polish Part 2!
on my last post i swatch the blurple color and now the light purple :) about the application?? very smooth like OPI DS does :) so here's the swatches enjoy!! :D

BSJ Holographic nail polish 2-3 coats

they're so amazing especially in person. :) pictures cannot justify their beauty.. hmmmmmm.......  i am planning to make a YouTube Channel what do you think?? i will post tutorials too :)


Friday, December 9, 2011

HOLO WEEK: BSJ Holographic Nail Polish


this is just a late post for my holo week hehehe!
 i am very happy that Mr. Sun says hello to me early this morning hehe! and because of that i am here to show you one of  3 BSJ Holographic Nail Polish i own :) hehe! no more talking let the pictures do it! yow! :D


this polish is a Dupe for OPI DS Glamour. These Blue Purple color is really an eye catcher! :) i so so so love it!! :)  i apply it 2-3 coats! :) you can use it as a top coat on any shade that closest to its color :)
stay tune for other 2 polishes! :)


Rainy Nail Polish Haul + Splatter Nail Art


here here! :) i have a Splatter nail design, new polishes arrive and a gift from my friend Gelyn (thanks luk!) *hug*
first i wanna show you my Splatter Nail Art :)

i used:
Chic "love orchid"
Wet'n Wild "kaleidoscope"

then my orders from FAB UR NAIL SHOP just arrived!! :)
just click on the name to go to their FB Account

1 Nail art brush Set, 3 Holographic nail polish and 3 glitter polish 

here's a little teaser picture of the blue Holo(2nd to the left)

this photo is taken under artificial light plus camera flash
those holo polishes is a dupe of OPI Designer Series. Of course swatches will be posted sooooonnn... :)

and here's my Friend Gelyn gave to me,

there's a Sand Polish, Crackle polish, frosted and glitter polish, i love them all!! :) especially the Sand Nail polish. Actually i am not expecting them..haha i just ordered on her Shop then when the package arrive i saw these pretty polishes haha i love them all!!! :D

and here's Yuki  :) i'm wondering what's on her mind hehe!

actually i am dying to swatch them all but Mr. Sun is hiding!! ugh! 

hey Mr. Sun i am waiting for yah... please!! even an hour will do! :)
rain rain go away come again another day, little "neelai" want to swatch! rain rain go away!! T_T

until next post dear bloggers :D
wait for my swatches.. oh Mr. Sun!!!!! :P

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WET 'N WILD: Wild Orchid


wanna share this! :) love this color!  Wild Orchid  from Wet 'n Wild :) i love the shade of violet in this polish, BUT! yes it's a big BUT!  this polish is really sheer. In my Swatches i applied 4 coats..
but of course sheer is not a big problem if you overlay it on the same shade color of the polish, like i did before :) so here are the swatches! :D

one of the big factor why i love these polish because of those HoLo gLitz :)
for me a holo and glittery polish is always a HAPPY POLISH  ^_^

xoxo till next post! :D

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