Sunday, October 30, 2011

different designs

Hello Guys!! :)

Whew! it's been a week since my last post :) been busy taking care of our dog and other stuffs hehehe! i'll post next time my own photography :)
by the way thank you for all your sweet comments, i really appreciate it :) you don't know how happy i am while reading it :) thank you guys!! :) i promise that i'll practice to make a more artistic nail art design :)
and here's some of my designs hope you like it! :D





hehe i don't have yet my halloween nail art  :P maybe i'll post it next time :) 

by the way I'm always open for tutorials ladies! :) Until next post! :D mwah! Take Care always Bloggers :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

some nail art from my idols :)

hello ladies!

just a quick post :) this is some of my new nail arts, i'm working with stamping as always,haha

this mani is originally designed by Mae of  ART OF NAIL if you want to see her original version just CLICK HERE. I really love her Designs!! hihihihihi these is my version of her design :)

another one is came from Thriszha of FAB UR NAILS this is one of my favorite on her designs, hihihi this is my version of her design, i really love it! hihihi

i know almost all of you knew this two persons, coz they're really great on nail stamping, i really love them both! hehe they gave me some stamping techniques which is really great! :)  hihihihi 
and before i forget, i have here my design haha :)

yes, yes.. i know i need lots of practice haha
i love this avocado like color teeheehee!! :P

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


hello readers!

i just check my blog if it still have a malware, but when i view my site, there's nothing that says "malware virus detected" so i think its ok now..haha but if you view my site, then you still sees it, pls email me at thank you! :)

of course i have some nail designs for you guys! :)

i'll post again later for my new designs :)
by the way i want to thank Fingers Polish Mania
for helping me, thanks sweetie!! love yah! :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy memories & nail designs


how are you guys?? it's been a long time since my last post..  I'm very busy for the past few weeks.. Our dog died, she's very sick.. we went to the veterinarian, the vet gave here lots of medicines, i think it's 6.. but still she died..   our whole family is crying because of her lost.. she's really part of our family and we really love her.. We're really sad the whole morning, i remember i gave her medicine at 4:30am then she died between 5-6am  haaayyyyy.... so at noon time, same day, we decided to buy a new dog to wash away our tears.. then here he comes, our new dog "Bruno"  hehe.. i'm very busy for taking care of him, he's our baby hehe.. but still even we had our "bruno" we still miss our "cha-cha"     T_T

Cha-Cha she's 2 1/2 months here
she's cross breed of jack russel terrier

Cha-Cha she's 4months here.. we will miss you cha-cha we really really love you so much! thanks for  the memories. we will NEVER forget you.. our cute, sweet and brave little cha-cha :)

and here's our Bruno 2months old
he's a Shih Tzu

our alive Stuff toy hehe he  isvery sweet :)

hmmm... let's change the sad mood  :)  since it's been a while since i updated my blog, i have new nail arts to post too :) here are some of them :)

Things used:
Bobbie "aqua"
Fab S.P. "bubble blue" and "mango shake"
Large image plate

Things used:
Orly "space cadet"
Large image plate
Fab S.P. "light violet"

Things used:
Orly "space cadet"
Large image plate
Fab S.P. "light violet"

Things used:
Bobbie "grass skirt"
Fab Image Plate "fab I"
Fab S.P. "navy blue"
Things used:
Bobbie "adored"
Fab S.P. "red"
XL Plate "C"

Things used:
Elianto "tangerine orange"
Fab S.P. "navy blue"
Large Image Plate

Things used:
Elianto "racing green"
24k "teal flakies"
Large Image Plate
Fab S.P. "pink" and "bubble blue"

Things used:
Elianto "tangerine orange"
Large image plate
Fab Image Plate "fab II"
Fab S.P. "navy blue" and "bubble blue"
SanSan "raspberry peach" for sponge technique

so ladies can you tell me what's your favorite among them all? 
have a great evening sweeties :)
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