Sunday, September 8, 2013

BornPrettystore Hexa Glitters is LOVE

Hello! how're you guys doin'? :) i recently become addictive to Instagram lately, that's why i often blog now. Well i will start my blog journey again here in blogger. :) Let's go to the main
I receive an email from Born Pretty Store saying that they chose me to review one of their product, i am really glad that they chose me to become one of their reviewers. You know that feeling when someone want you to review their products hihihi, i'm kinda feel a little special.hehe :) I chose these Hexagonal Glitter Powder Sheets because i love all things that are shiny!!  They also gave me this cute pearl bracelet, :) i love it so much!

the items they sent to me is these lovely glitters. perfect for nail art. Of course almost all of women now is into nail art. These glittery hexa glitters is one of the simple yet elegant look of nail art looks. i have some designs that i made to show you :)

Here's a half moon manicure you can get by using these glitters. 

You can also used this to frame your nails. :) 

You can also use this to create a Jelly Sandwich nail art. This is one of my favorite technique using these glitters

You can also use these transparent glitters to create this look, this is a glitter placement manicure :)

want to create a French Tip nail art? You can also use these glitters to create a simple yet elegant look for french tips. :) 

there are sooo much fun to do using these Hexagon Glitters that you can get at Born Pretty Store. So what are you waiting for hun? grab yours now! Don't forget to use my Coupon Code CBL91 to get a 10% discount! :)

Happy Nail Art sweeties!! ^_^

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I miss blogging!

Wow it's been so long since my last blog post. Just want to share my previous manis :) and i promise that i will become more active in blogging now, since i have an app now on my android phone :))

On my mani i used nail foils :) follow me on InstaGram for more nail art pics :)) IG:@neelai14

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Designs Part 1


I haven't updated my blog for almost 2 months. So here is a quick post for my nail designs :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beach Nails

Summer is coming!! LOL ^_^ I wish i can swim on my nails.. hehe ^_^

"Beach Nail art"
Paint your nails white then using acrylic paints, apply the beach color you like, then your done! ^_^


Four Elements Nails


I joined nail art contest before on IG that has a themed "Four Elements"
so here's my Entry back then ^_^
this is freehand, i used acrylic paints. I hope i can do more freehandssssssss in the future! ^_^

"Four Elements Nails"

with hashtag, :) i didn't win on that contest but i am happy to be a participant. ^_^


Random Designs part 3

Just a random designs i made, enjoy the Pictures! ^_^

This is a water decals, available on my Online shop on facebook: "Neelai Fashionhub"
this is my favorite design as of now ^_^

Bobbie Megnet-ficent polish, this is 3 thick coats
And i stamp using Magnonails A27. I used mint green stamping polish. also available on my online shop ^_^

This one is from The Face Shop, one of my favorite nail polish brand ^_^ i really love this apple green polish!~
this is 2 coats without top coat

And then i got inspired with my base color so i decided to paint leaves on them.
this is freehand. i used acrylic paints

for those who are fb addict these nails suits for them teeheehee!
i used MJ PLATE (available on my FB shop)

"Garden Nails"
freehand nail art, this is quite messy.. hehe

"On the Field"
One Stroke Nail design
hope i can do more detail next time :)

"Tribal Nails"
"Nail Nerds"
I used MJ3 Image Plate, still available on my blog sale :)

"French Fries Nail Art"
This is freehand. I'm still not satisfied with this, though it makes me hungry hehe

i'm toooooo lazy back then when i made this design, lol!


Sunset Chunks -my franken polish-

Sunset Chunks -franken nail polish-

Just want to share my newest franken nail polish. I got inspired by Klean Color Chunky Holo Black, and ended with this franken, hehe! along the way i decided to make it duochrome, and i am satisfied with this outcome. :) wanna know my formula?? hehe! But before the formula i want you to see the swatches.

this is one to two coats over black.
I also have a quick video to share. ^_^


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink Foil + pink nail arts

Foil nails

Who loves nail foils??? i'm a fan of nail foils coz i love how shiny they are and how they create the hologram effect. BUT when they are already on my nails, i HATE them! i hate how crumpled they are and when you apply topcoat they can show more crumpiness!(is there such a word crumpiness?LOL)
and if you wear them without top coat, it ruin within 10mins or less! yeah i hate foils, i just love to stare at them on the container.. haha :) but i have an idea to help this manicure to survive. You need to stamp on it so you can hide some of the crumpled part. I name this mani Ranger Pink coz it reminds me of power ranger, teeheehee! ^_^

Power Ranger Nails: "Ranger Pink"

and this is some simple pink nail design that i also come up with. ^_^ simple stamping and beads.


green, green and green

So far this is my favorite nail length, so so short and not too long :) i used MJ PLATE, if you want to order just email me or message me on KIK if you have one :) my username is NEELAI14 

Flowers Stamping nail art

Hello! ^_^

i love my short nails!!! i really do! ^_^ they are so colorful hehehe!
i used large images plates that has same images on konad, ^_^
hope you also love these design ^_^


Friday, January 18, 2013

Weird nail design + nail polish hauls

Hello there!! 

I find this design a bit weird, haha.. it give me creeps whenever i saw my nails, haha :)
I used mj plate and the base color is one of my frankens, :)
oh by the way, i received gifts this christmas and new year, i want to show them.. hihi

This is my Chistmas Gift from Mae, blogger of Art Of Nails
i love them all! i can't wait to try all of them!! lol

these babies are from Meann, my very very good and trusted friend! hihihi! she's the owner of MyOnlineShop, yes we sell MJ PLATES! haha she's the admin. hihi! At last my NFU Holos are complete! haha :) i can't wait to try all my polishes!!! hihihihihi

Swatches will be soooooonnn as long as i finish posting my nail designs here, teeheeheehee! :)
For those who are on Instagram, don't forget to follow me, just search "NEELAI14" i am more updated there, hehe! :)

Rainbow Flowers


this is one of the cutest base combination that i love! :) i used stamping polishes for sponge technique then stamp with dashica image plate. I also add a holo top coat but it is not noticeable in these photos. 

Ribbon Nails


Just a quick post to show you my nails with matte cute ribbons, teeheehee! they are so cute! I use MJ image plates, for those who want to order pm me! (^_^)

Water Spotted Nails using a Fragrance

Hello Dear Bloggers!! :)

It is so nice to be back! :) Hope you enjoy your Christmas and New Years Eve hehe! I don't have enough time on holiday season to make a christmas and new year's nail design so i end up celebrating them with plain colors and glitters.. hehe
let's get back to the main dish! I want to show you this design i am into now, It is called "Water Spotted". Yes SPOTTED!! i got curious about it coz the effect is like OPI black spotted which everyone got crazy when they first saw it(i'm one of them haha) and not all of us can buy them because it is exclusive for ladies who live in France. If i'm not mistaken it is only available at Sephora France!(they are so mean!!). But now, you don't have to  buy OPI Spotted coz  you can create your own spotted nails by this technique. I watched this video on YouTube, i know that you knew her, she is CUTEPOLISH. All you need is cup of water, nail polish(any color you prefer), and hand sanitizer. But on my designs, i used our local fragrance named "Lewis and Pearl" instead of using a hand sanitizer. :) I think you can use any fragrance you have in your home. ^_^
so lets the Pictures begin!! ^_^

I tried also to make little circles using a Gold Polish. My base color is Black

The effect is depend on the polish you used and the way you spray your hand sanitizer/fragrance. It is best to watch CutePolish video tutorial for this, :) until next post amigas! ^_^
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