Monday, August 29, 2011

Surprise gift from my BF's MOM


Ohmigosh!! my Boyfriend's Mom surprise me with this nail art stuffs!! waaahh!!! I never expected that all she ordered was FOR ME. hahaha so when my boyfriend told me my eyes are like this  O_O
haha! all i can say is "Really??? Are you really sure????? Are you serious????" hehehe! gosh! i'm so happy!! :) i'm just planning to buy this plates, but now all of a sudden, i have this Large Plates! haha! is it my Birthday??? LOL

actually my boyfriend's mom is really kind. Since my mother died last January 31st of this year, i treat my bf's mom as my real mother :) she's always there for me when i have problems, always there to give some inspirational advice. i really love her!! :) Thanks mommy Emilie!!! :) mwuah!!

by the way this are the 2 pictures of Large Image Plates :)

Let us see the closer look :)

hihihihi!! Happiness!!! hehehe!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

first ever nail art using foils


Goodmorning bloggers!!! :)  by the way thank you for all those ideas that you gave me, i will definitely do it this week!! watch out for your requests! :)

and here's my nail art today. This is the first time i used nail foils, :) hmmm... my reactions??? i don't like it.. why?? coz when i apply top coat the effect of the foil turns bad.. lol but i think my top coat is the problem. One of my nail art friends told me that when you used nail foils, her partner is the gel coat. I don't have that one so i've never try it. On this picture there's no top coat. hehe! but still even i don't like nail foils, i just love its effect! :)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nail Prisms "Amber Ruby" on her best shots


Gosh!! one of my Wishlist Polish is on my hands now!!!! :) its Sally Hansen Nail Prisms "Amber Ruby"
its a duo chrome polish, a metallic red turns to brownish gold, you can also see some green on some sides, but typically most of the time you see metallic red and brownish gold. I apply 2 coats on this :)

sorry for some blurry pictures.. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

do you have a nail art request?just leave a comment

hello ladies!! :)

its Sunday afternoon when this idea come up, hehe since i've been doing nail art for a year, and i created lots of designs for a whole year round, i think i need you too guys to help me think of  new designs :) so if you have any suggestions or requests, just leave a comment here :) i promise that i will do my best! hehe

actually i'm nervous that no one will request or leave a comment here.. hehe thank you!! :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Color Club Wild at Heart on stamping


i have here my wild at heart from the holo of color club :)
 this polish is very opaque even on 1 coat :) and it has a very beautiful violet tone. when i bought it, my nail art friends suggested that it is good on stamping too, so viola!!! i came up to this design :)

did you see those holo glitz?? its really stunning!! :)
actually, wild at heart is really beautiful, but i just didn't stamp it well..haha there are some smudge..  hehehe
do you have other holo of COLOR CLUB?? which are your favorites?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

gold nails


i have here new nail art stamping design?? by the way i have a question for you guys, which do you prefer, nail stamping or freehand??


Sunday, August 14, 2011

i love this combo (nail art stamping)

hello! :)

 i want to share my nail art to you :) and this is one of my favorite combo :)
hope you love it too sweeties! :) 

sorry for always having a short post..hehe :)

thank you sweeties! and good night! :)


hello ladies! :)

i will share again my new nail arts :)

last but not the least,hehe i have here another one simple design :)

hehe xoxo

combolicious! :)

hello ladies! :)

here we go again,hehe another nail art post :) i'm always happy to share to you my designs :)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

nailrific!!! :)


this is my last post for tonight :) hehe and one of my favorite :)

goodnight sweeties!! :)

do they look like flowers??

hello again! :)

another nail stamp.hehe as you can see i have lots of nail stamps post now,hehe coz im practicing my stamp technique :)

 i have here my new nail art, i have a question, do they look like flowers??hehe 

glam red :)

hello!! :)

i miss you ladies and i really miss posting here on my blog, especially visiting your sites :) mwah! :)
by the way i have here my red nails :)

red polish is always look glamorous on nails am i right? :)

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