Saturday, June 30, 2012

La Belle Duochrome Nail Polish "Majestic Green"


i have another Duochrome nail polish swatch from our local brand "La Belle"
their duochrome nail polish is indicated with the "MAGIC" labeled their bottle.
Actually La Belle and 24k have the same bottle, shades and manufacturer. I don't understand why they need to put the same shades and bottle but different brand name. lol maybe it's one of their strategies to capture people's eye. but hello? we, nail polish addicts know every details of a polish, its either the same color but different shimmer, well i know nail polish hoards understand me well, haha

let's go for the swatches!

this is teal/turquoise and green duochrome. This is much more gorgeous in person than my pictures! 
The application is layered over black without top coat :)


till next post! ^_^

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunset Inspired Nail Art

i love Sunset views, it is very relaxing especially when you watch it with your special someone *giggles* soooo romantic! So i decided to create a nail design inspired by it, here's my mani

i used a white base first (Etude House Wh01) then using a Sponge Technique, i sponge one at a time every colors. First yellow(ShengJi Neon Yellow), second color orange(Elianto Tangerine Orange), and third is pink(Sally Hansen Hot Majenta). And then I used Magnonails A53 Image Plate using a black stamping polish(fab sp charcoal). I also add a Flakie Top coat (24k green flakes) and last but not the least apply the top coat(etude house jelly top coat). And that's it you have a pretty Sunset nails.


till next post! ^_^

24k Duochrome Nail Polish Swatch


here's just a quick post of a Duochrome Nail Polish brand 24k Black Pearl

i am really glad that 24k have a Duochrome polishes! such a pretty color!
the application is 2 coats over black without top coat


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FOR SALE "FUN 2" Image Plate -rush sale-

Hello Guys!!! ^_^

I have a For Sale FUN 2 Image Plates. PLEASE READ
price:  P450 ($11)
reach me at


NOTE: Due to manufacturing flaw there were 2 images does not stamp well due to a design error. All other designs stamp well. 
Buildings - too thin
Hang in there - wrong font
Certified polish addict - bold font

here's the picture of the Image Plate

Size: 9.6 x 14.6 cm



And here is the Image Flaws

Hang in there - wrong font
Hang in there - wrong font (swatch)

Buildings - too thin
Buildings - too thin (swatch)

Certified polish addict - bold font
Certified polish addict - bold font (swatch)

Aside from those 3 images, all other stamps well. These are some of the swatches of FUN 2 image plate

SPECIAL CREDITS TO:  Ms. Mae Espiritu of Art of Nail   and   Ms. Johanne Dg of Fab UR Nails
You can see Ms. Mae's review of FUN 2 Image Plate HERE

thank you! Happy Nail Art! ^_^

Wet 'n Wild Grays Anatomy Swatch

hello guys!
i will continue my swatches of my franken maybe next week.
i don't have a camera to use coz my brother borrowed it, he went to France early this month.
and i hope that he will get me some nail art brushes and acrylic paints when he got home, hehe!
you know that's what we called "pasalubong" (gift from abroad). Since he doesn't want to buy
me a nail polish (opi black spotted that is exclusively for Sephora France only), i ask him to buy
me a set of brushes and acrylic instead. hehe

now, let's get going.. I have a swatch of Wet 'n Wild Grays Anatomy. One of my favorite shade
of duochrome nail polish ^_^ my friend said that whenever she saw this it reminds her of an 
Alien Head, haha 

this is 2 coats over black nail polish (OMG Black Out)
so now can you see some Aliens? haha!

till next post! ^_^

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Stroke Nail Art Design "Underwater Flowers"

howya nails doin'? hehe i just want to share this one stroke nail art design i made, this is one of my favorite manis ever! ^_^

"Underwater Flowers"

"Underwater Flowers"

materials used:
OMG Mojito
Sponge technique using ShengJi Neon Yellow on the tip
Detail Brush
Angle Brush
Acrylic Paints
Jocarste Glitter Polish
Etude House Jelly Top Coat

That's it! ^_^
you can add My Online Shop on Facebook just search "Neelai FashionHub"
there are polishes and image plates available there, ^_^

thanks! ^_^

Monday, June 4, 2012

another Random Nails

Heyah! :)
Sorry for not being able to post for almost a month, gosh.. it's been a long vacation,
we went  to Mariveles Bataan for a trip with my my eldest sister, her daughter and some of her friends, 
then go swim along the shore ^_^ yay! we had a great time! especially the scenery that we saw.
I also celebrate my birthday last May 12, i had a blast!! haha the most happy birthday as of now,
why? coz i celebrate it with my boyfriend, this is the first time that we celebrate it together. ^_^
and also lots of GOOD NEWS came along, haha! yes! yes! and yes!! ^_^
i think i've said enough.. lol! 
here's my nail art during my vacation ^_^

"Pink Blossom"
FREEHAND Nail Art(one stroke)
materials used:
Bobbie Fave Bikini
Sally Hansen Hot Magenta
Sponge Technique
Acrylic Paints
Nail art brushes

FREEHAND nail art(one stroke)
materials used:
Caress Mango
Elianto Tangerine Orange
Jocarste Glitter
Acrylic Paints
Nail art brushes
"Green Flowers"
Freehand Nail art(one stroke)
materials used:
Bobbie Grass Skirt
Acrylic Paints
Nail art brushes

materials used:
bm plates
fab sp pink and navy blue
Chic Siam

"Holo Dots"
materials used:
Catherine Arley 667
bm plate
Holo top coat
fab sp charcoal

materials used:
Shengji Silver
Big Sdp-F
fab sp charcoal

"Cute Flowers"
materials used:
Shengji neon pink
Shengji neon yellow
Caress neon green
Elianto Aqua
sponge technique
Big Sdp-F
Essence matte top coat

materials used:
Omg banana boat
elainto tangerine orange
sally hansen hot magenta
bm plates
glitter top coat

materials used:
Franken polish eel green
bm plate
nail paint green
jocartse glitter

materials used:
Chic Amethyst
Fab image plate
glitter top coat

materials used:
OMG mojito
large image plate
nail paint violet
glitter top coat

"Naked Nails"
haha this is my stain nails.. hmm.. it has lots of stains in it
and its kinda yellowish..
if anyone there knows how to whiten these nails, please do help me thanks in advance :)

till next post pretties! ^_^
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