Wednesday, December 19, 2012

red, black and white polka dots

this design is inspired by an image i found on Google. Instead of stripes of black and white i replaced it with polka dots. ^_^ isn't it cute? hehe very simple yet artistic. ^_^

rainbow colorful nail art

have you tried designing your nails using needles or tip of a pin? Well on this design i used a needle to create this effect. I saw this technique on youtube and definitely give it a try. ^_^
first I paint my nails white to help the colors pop up. I used BNC Red, OMG Banana boat, Chic Neon Green, Bonjour Light Blue and Elf Royal Purple. And then create a zigzag lines using tip of a needle. And then voila! here's the outcome, you have pretty colorful nails. ^_^


Practicing Freehand nail designs with Hamtaro

Hamtaro is one of my favorite cartoon characters. hihihi Hamtaro is a cartoon series from Japan. It is about adventure, friendship, love and family. since i'm practicing freehand designs, i decided to paint hamtaro. ^_^ well.. what can you say about my freehand? lol i have a problem on outlining and detailing. I have a hard time to paint those curves of the stems. lol my friend Thiamere(check her blog) and Kate throw some advises to me. Yeah they are good in freehanding designs, hihi they said that when you are painting your nails you need to hold the brush lightly so you can paint thin lines. That's what i'm gonna do on my next designs. hihihi ^_^


Essie "Shine Of The Times"

Essie Shine of the times is my prize from a nail art contest on facebook, the one who held the contest is Maria Nail Nation(you can find her on fb, and she also has a youtube channel "nailnation3000"). A very sweet, kind and friendly person. ^_^
back to the polish.. :) Essie shine of the times is not different from other flakies nail polishes. It shifts to red, orange and green in some angles, it is very distracting! lol but i love it! ^_^
As i've said, SOTT is not different from any other flakie polishes like gosh rainbow, nubar 2010, sally hansen hidden treasure, etc., the only thing that's unique from this is, it is a one coater polish. On the brush you can see loads of flakies. Some love it and others don't coz they said you can't almost see your base color on SOTT. lol but of course we have different insights on every polishes. ^_^
All i can say is i love SOTT because it is gorgeous and this is my first ever Essie nail polish. ^_^


China Glaze "Zombie Zest"

Zombie Zest is one of my favorite green polishes. It has green flecks that makes it more prettier, It is on the sheer side, you need 3-4 coats when applied alone. Being on the sheer side is a plus for me coz i can layer it on a black base. ^_^ here's my swatches layered over a black polish;
1 coat over black

Isn't it pretty??  ^_^


Layla Hologram Effect "Flash Black"

Isn't it pretty??? This is the most gorgeous black holo i own so far, i really really love it!! Layla really rocks on their hologram nail polishes. This polish is gorgeous but the formula is almost the same with NFU OH holos. You need a special base/a nail file to see its perfect holo effect. I've tried it before on my boyfriend's nails, i tried to swatch it without a special base and i also didn't file his nails and the result is.. the holographic effect is dull.. i don't know why.. have anyone tried it too? Because i think when your nails is not smooth/shiny it can affect the hologram effect. hmmm.. but all in all this polish is lovely! :) i want to try Color Club Halo Hues, i hope someone will give at least one polish in the collection to me this Christmas, haha :) yeah At least ONE. lol Coz I've seen lots of good reviews on color club halo hues, less hassle coz you don't need to file nor use a special base for halo hues. ^_^
By the way, this is 2 coats under direct sunlight. I also focus the macro effect on the bottle so my nails looks blurry to help reveal the holonesssssssss!!! :)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chic "Shadow Crystal"

one of our local brands is Chic Nail Polish. I love their Grainy polish!
i'm not sure if how many polish is in their Grainy Collection but my favorite is Shadow Crystal.

this is one to two coats without top coat. :)
super love!! ^_^

Layla "Metal Chrome"


^_^  just want to share this Layla Nail Polish "Metal Chrome". This is the most beautiful chrome effect I've seen on polish world! Also this is a one coater polish, no brush stroke when dries! ^_^

but i have a problem with this nail polish.. it chips easily. It also shows your nail bed imperfections. So when i apply it on my natural nails i used NFU Oh Aqua base to help smoothen my nail bed, also aqua base can dull the effect a little bit. I also applied Seche vite top coat.
but all in all! I give 5 stars for the chrome/mirror effect! ^_^
(swatches is applied without a top coat)

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