Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Nails


i know lots of girls love Hello Kitty so i decided to create a nail design  that's perfect for Hello Kitty lovers :)


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Local Brand Duochrome: 24k Crazy Green

Hey there!! i want to show you one of our local brands duochrome polish :)

this is two coats over black polish :) i love it when it transforms green in different angles :) 
the application is smooth, drying time is not bad :)


HOLO WEEK: Royal Blue (holo franken)

Hey there! i have another holo franken i made to show you. :) I make a dupe of  Glitter Gal  Marine Blue.
of course this is not as holo as glitter gal but same gorgeous! :) 

the application is smooth, this is only 2 coats :)
what can you say about my franken polish?? :P

by the way i will be having my FIRST EVER GIVE AWAY :) STAY TUNED!! :)


Monday, February 27, 2012

HOLO WEEK: Royal Nude (franken holo polish)

Hello there! i have another swatch of my holo polish i made. I named it Royal Nude, this is my favorite too! This polish is pefect for office girls coz the color is not that flashy :) time for pictures! :)

The application is smooth, you can easily go with 2 coats.
my formula:
Bonjour Dark Brown
Bobbie Mudslide

till next post! :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

HOLO WEEK: First Kiss (holo franken)


Hi there! the sun comes out bright and shiny now so it's a good day for HOLO!! :) i grabbed all my holo polishes that has not been swatch yet, i'll be showing you first the "FIRST KISS"
this is a gift from Thriszha. She knows how i'm in love with holographic polish, hehe! time for pictures!!

i really love the shade of red in this polish, :) i'm in love!!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Local Brand Duochrome: 24k Majestic Blue


Hi there! i'm back! lol i'm kinda busy with our business so until now i don't have a swatch of my franken holo polish. So, for now i have a Duochrome polish from our local brand named "24K" well i love its name coz it reminds me of gold.. haha time for pictures!!!! :)

this is one of their "Magic Collection" this is two coats over black polish.
duochrome polishes are perfect to over a black nail polishes :)

till next post!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Velvet + Polish Haul

Hello!! Let's take a break for holo swatches coz i have a problem with Mr. Sun again.. it's raining all day, when it did'nt rain it's always cloudy.. nah! i want to swatch some holo polishes.. :(
So now i want to show you my Freehand Nail Art. ohh yeah! it's onestroke again,hehe! i love onestroke coz it's the easiest freehand i know, lol

Materials used:
Chic Blue Velvet
Gosh Rainbow
Reeves Acrylic Paint
Angled Brush
L.A. Colors Rapid Dry Top Coat

So what d'ya think? hehe this is my favorite designs as of now :)
my inspiration for this design is Tartofraises :) i know some of you know her. I really adore her so much! :)
by the way i have a nail polish haul i want you to see them, :)

this is a late upload, :) those BSJ and China glaze i swatch before and those plates, they have scratches cause i used them already before i took pictures..haha :P
some of these polishes are gifts and i bought online :)

and this haul is a gift from Thriszha. The one with "AMZ" written in the bottle is especially made by her for me, she called me AMZ..hehe!  she's so sweet!! and the one in the right in mini bottle is also a franken polish she made, it's a holo red polish, so watch out for the swatch! hehe :)]
till next post sissies! :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HOLO WEEK: PURPLITA -my holo franken

Hello there! i want to show you my holo franken i named "PURPLITA"

i mixed ELF Royal Purple, BSJ #3 and #5 and some BK nail laquer thinner :)
i was happy with the end result, this is 2 coats without aqua base and top coat. the application is smooth like OPI DS does :) 

until next post! :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012



holo! holo! holo! lol! hehe! you knew that i am in love with holo polishes and i hope someday that i can have some of glitter gal holos.. but as of now i can't afford them..haha such a poor!
but the good news is, i have a holo top coat, all i do is find the same plain shade of that holo polish and then top it with my holo top coat, then ola! you have a closely dupe. :)

this time i want to have a dupe of Glitter Gal Dark Purple 3D/Holographic, so i went to my polish stash then find a dark shade of purple and i caught a local brand Bobbie Parasail, then i grab my holo top coat which consist of bsj holo and l.a. colors rapid dry top coat. And now time for the pictures :)

well i tried other violet shade that i found on my stash :) yeah yeah.. i'm into violet shades now, i so so so love it! hehe these pictures below is Elf Royal Purple top with holo top coat.

well they're not like Gliiter Gal Dark Purple 3D/Holograpic but who cares??? they still have a holo effect and that's what i like.. hehe! so what do you prefer to top a holo top coat, the first one or the second one??

next post i'll show you my holo franken violet, i named "Purplita"

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