Sunday, September 8, 2013

BornPrettystore Hexa Glitters is LOVE

Hello! how're you guys doin'? :) i recently become addictive to Instagram lately, that's why i often blog now. Well i will start my blog journey again here in blogger. :) Let's go to the main
I receive an email from Born Pretty Store saying that they chose me to review one of their product, i am really glad that they chose me to become one of their reviewers. You know that feeling when someone want you to review their products hihihi, i'm kinda feel a little special.hehe :) I chose these Hexagonal Glitter Powder Sheets because i love all things that are shiny!!  They also gave me this cute pearl bracelet, :) i love it so much!

the items they sent to me is these lovely glitters. perfect for nail art. Of course almost all of women now is into nail art. These glittery hexa glitters is one of the simple yet elegant look of nail art looks. i have some designs that i made to show you :)

Here's a half moon manicure you can get by using these glitters. 

You can also used this to frame your nails. :) 

You can also use this to create a Jelly Sandwich nail art. This is one of my favorite technique using these glitters

You can also use these transparent glitters to create this look, this is a glitter placement manicure :)

want to create a French Tip nail art? You can also use these glitters to create a simple yet elegant look for french tips. :) 

there are sooo much fun to do using these Hexagon Glitters that you can get at Born Pretty Store. So what are you waiting for hun? grab yours now! Don't forget to use my Coupon Code CBL91 to get a 10% discount! :)

Happy Nail Art sweeties!! ^_^

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