Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick Nail Art Post! :)


quick post! quick post! quick post! quick post! hehe 
i want to give you a FLOWERY Nail Design today :)

things i used:

i really love it!! :) this is one of my favorite designs :)
whatta quick post lol :)


Friday, November 25, 2011



here i come again another post for a holographic nail polish! today i'm featuring Wild at Heart, one of the holographic nail polish of Color Club Wild at Heart Collection :) 
i really love the shade of this polish, its deep violet with a touch of holo goodness! i love its opacity too! you can go with only 1 coat. hihihihihi all i can say is i love it! :)
i'll show you now my swatches, hope my pictures capture the holo side of this polish :)

i really love it!! hihihihihhihi!
i have a nail art too i called it Wild at Heart with lots of hearts! hehehe here it is

ahihihihihihihi i so so so so love it!!! :)
i'm loving color club now, i can't wait for my revvvolution!! hihihihi

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello!! :)

a lazy afternoon guys! i missed sharing my nail arts with you.. sorry for being emotional on my last post. well i know that the Good Lord knows the truth :)

moving on.. i will show to you two designs :)

did you see that shadowy green beneath the flowers and swirls? that's also a stamp.. just exploring some techniques..hehe! 
what i used:
Large Image Plate
BM 225
Chic "neon yellow"
fab stamping polish in green, black and red

my second design :)

i don't know what to say on my second design.. haha :)
items i used:
Large images Plate
Sponge techniques
Chic "love orchid"
Color trends "salmon frost"
Chic "neon green"
Chic "neon yellow"
Fab stamping polish in lavender, maroon, red and black

what's your favorite among the two??

hey hey i have another blog award, its The Versatile Blogger
and thank you Shannara! mwah! visit shannara's blog by clicking HERE

Time for the rules :)
1. List 7 things about yourself
2. Pass this to 15 bloggers

Seven Things About Me:

1. i love to cook! :)
2. i love to read books i can pass a whole day reading, even skip a meal haha :)
3. i love hamburgers! junk foods! though they make my life shorter lol
4. i love to blog but i'm not really good in english, i always suck! :)
5. im always have a teary eyed every time i watched those touching episodes of my favorite Manga series "ONE PIECE" 
6. i drool everytime i saw holographic and glitter nail polish.haha
7. i fear GOD

I pass this award too:
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my Klean Color Holo Chrome just arrived now, hihihihi
swatches will be posted later :) this is my first ever klean polish :)

enjoy! :)



gosh.. sorry for not posting for the past few days, been very busy! my post for today is about the PART 2 of our local brand of holoraphic nail polish :) enough talking! LOL this are the swatches

The first one is BOBBIE "Weng-Weng"
the application is smooth 2-3 coats is enough. The color is same with Color Club Revvvolution. 

the second one is BOBBIE "MUDSLIDE"
this is Beige color, smooth application too.
2-3 coats is enough :)

this polish is not bad for less than a dollar! Holo glitz are very pretty too! :) not bad, not bad! :)
hehe i can't wait for my Holo Polishes Sooonnn!! want some teaser pictures??? :)  i want to share it to you too hihihihi! here it comes!! be ready!! LOL

The first picture is BSJ DUO #7
this is a dupe of OPI DS ORIGINAL

second pic is BSJ DUO #5
a dupe of OPI DS GLAMOUR

the third pic is BSJ DUO #1
this is my favorite! this is a Dupe of OPI DS SHIMMER yes! it can transform any plain color into a dazzling holo goodness like DS Shimmer does :)

those 3 polishes costs $31.61
each polish only costs $11.54 very affordable price!! :) i bought it on FAB UR NAIL SHOP
the good thing is they ship international, this BSJ polish is HTF now so i'm glad that i have them!! :) hihihi 

BSJ DUO #7 this picture is own by FAB UR NAILS SHOP

BSJ DUO #5 this picture is own by FAB UR NAILS SHOP 

BSJ DUO #1 this picture is own by FAB UR NAILS SHOP 

grab yours now!! :) my swatches will be posted here in a week! :) hehehe! oh i forgot! aside from that polish  i will be having these polishes too! :)
OPI DS Couture
OPI DS Elagance
OPI My Privet Jet
OPI DS Shimmer
and some ORIGINAL PLATES from Dashica and Magno hihihihi! But since my nail stamping technique is good enough(i think?)  i am now practicing my Freehand Technique :) i will be posting soooonnn!! yay! i am so excited! i am glad that even there's some one who really wants to pull me down, holding a million of knives and stab me at the back, and telling others that i'm a devil woman, there's still lots of daily blessings that comes along my way :) All i can say to this person  is "May The Good Lord Will Bless You" 
i don't wanna do the same stuffs in return. I'm happy and contented with my life now and that's really matters to me :) i believe that there's a "Bad Karma" so goodluck! :) i'm not mad at you don't worry :) if that's what makes you happy go go go go! :)  just a reminder.. You can NEVER PULL ME DOWN BECAUSE I'M A GOOD MAN

sorry bloggers for being emotional here! :) i can't take that there's some people that exist carrying that attitude well..  i don't care! :) hihihi


Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am a MODEL haha~


haha yes you're right! one that makes my life busy is taking some pictures!! :)
i really love it! hehe so now i'm going to show you my little "obras" on photos :)

the first two pictures is............... ME!! :)  this is the first time that i take a photo of myself like this, and this, and this! lols! i don't know if i feel embarrassed to show this to you, hehe :) actually i post this picture on my FB account, i thought no ones gonna like it or comment, but hey! i have lots of likes!! and  lots of compliments, hehehe so i decided to post it here too.. here's my pictures :)

actually i'm one of those "CHUBBY" like girls.. but i love my figure :)
for those who saw this post that are photographers, can you give me some tips?? i'm still a beginner.. :)
here's some pictures of my photography.. 

This is Bruno our Cute doggie, :) i think i post him here before. he's my first model on my photography :)

what do you think on my shots??
hope you like this post.. every comments are appreciated :) hihihi 


Hellowie!!! :)

I'm very excited for this post, hihihihihihi coz i know that this is one of the Holographic Polishes that you would love, you must have and to die for!! haha  If i'm not mistaken this is a dupe of NFU OH #61. I'll show a picture of nfu 61 so you can see the difference.
#61 is on my wishlist so i'm very happy that i have a dupe, but on the sad part, Gosh holo is only 8ml... *sigh*
Lets talk about the application.. this polish is streaky, very hard to apply like other holos, but man!? with the outcome like this i don't care!! haha 
enough talking!! this are the pictures :)

This is shot indoor with a little touch of light, 

Picture of the Bottle
i always love love and love this polish!! My boyfriend bought it for me, he's so sweet and i really love him more than i love my self.. *giggles* He bought it for me coz he saw that this polish is on my wishlist album, he said that he wants to be my fairy that grant my wishes,haha love soooo much!! :) he bought it last January of this year, so this polish will turn 1 year for the next two months. :)

so before i forgot this is the picture of NFU OH 61
they're almost the same :)

this picture is own by themanicuredmanatee
you can visit her blog too! :) click here ->

oh by the way, since i really love this polish i decided to put some designs. here's my nail art :)

i used:
Gosh Holographic
Bm 223
Large images plate
Fab Ur Nails FAB 2 image plate
Fab Ur Nails Stamping polish in "metallic blue",  "navy blue"   and "metallic pink"

again and again you saw lots of pictures.. duh?? there's a holo on my base so one picture is not enough!! hehe i'm really a fanatatic of HOLOGRAPHICS nail polish, my nail art friends call me "addict" lols! can you blame me?? :)

enjoy this post readers!! :D
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