Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i WON in a Nail Art Contest


yay!! i won in a nail art contest!! wooot! wooot!!
haha of course i want to thank all of you! especially for those who voted me.. thank you so much!!
mwah! thank you!! :) and here's my winning piece :)

well this is an original design of Maria but the theme of the contest is to make your design inspired by her.. and then i did this :) hehe thank you again! :)

my price is Essie Shine of The Times
here's a picture of Shine of the Times
this photo is own by Move Your Acetone
this swatch is own by Move Your Acetone. Kindly Follow her too, she is worth following :) just CLICK HERE to follow her. 

until next post! thank you again :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

another onestroke day


hey i've been practicing onestroke nail art again :) i tried to combine yellow and black.. and i really love the outcome!!! :) yellow and black is one of my favorite combo :) oh here's my design, hope you like it! :)

hihihi this really looks good on my nails, i so so so  love it! hope you love it too :) hehe Onestroke is one of the easiest freehand and looks really pretty! :) hihihihihi
until next post ladies :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bobbie: Smashed Violet


I have a local brand crackle polish for today, Smashed Violet from Bobbie. I will show you the swatch now :)

Smashed Collection from Bobbie has 3 shades,
Smashed Black
Smashed Red and
Smashed Violet

i didn't purchased the two polish coz i don't have enough money on my pocket that time.. lol (yeps! i'm a poor little girl, LOL) and besides smashed violet got my attention. I love it's violet shade, not too dark and not too light. hihi though here in the Philippines we have other local polish that already have a "crackle effect", but for me, i suggest you MUST buy this polishes from Bobbie coz it's very pigmented when you apply, unlike other local brands. Well just to make a twist i add some stamps on my mani :) hope you like it!

i am not paid to say good stuffs about this brand. I'm just being honest :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

L.A. Colors "Pink Sizzle"


I am back again.. ugh! sorry for not being active this past couple of days.. I've been addicted to watch One Piece every time.. haha :) 
So now i did a swatch for L.A. Colors "Pink Sizzle"  i really love its color, the opacity?? well it's kinda sheer but you can work it out. 3 coats is enough and the outcome is gorgeous! it's a mild duochrome nail polish, you can see copper, pink and violet in different angles. On my swatch i didn't apply a top coat.

isn't it gorgeous for just $1?? This is one of my favorite pink shades :) and when you look on its bottle it's like a dupe of Diva of Geneva by OPI but when you swatch them, you can see the big difference. Diva of Geneva is much darker in color. When you want dark shades i prefer you buy Diva of Geneva, but when you love not to loud colors but very girly i prefer you buy Pink Sizzle :)

Before i forgot..hehe on my last post i have a holographic duochrome franken which i named "Cooper" LOL i simply name it Cooper coz it's color is Copper, haha well it's hard to think of a name for your babies..lol
oh! oh! back to the main topic.. I know some of you wondering what's my formula for this polish, well of course i want to share its formula to you readers :) My formula is.... tenenenenenen!! Sally Hansen "Amber Ruby" from Nail Prisms Collection and BSJ Silver Holographic nail polish :) yes! i only mix 2 polishes :) well BSJ is hard to find so i prefer any Silver Holographic Polish will do, :) and if you don't have Amber Ruby, you can use any duochrome polish you have in your stash :) just be creative and you will be surprise with the outcome! :) just be delicate to your baby while mixing its mama and papa, LOL
 so so so so let us see again COOPER! LOL

buhbye readers! until next post! gotta watch The Walking Dead Season 2 :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Franken Duochrome Holographic nail polish (closely dupe of Ozotic 531)


Oh my! i am really excited to share to you this franken polish i made recently, hihihihi! this is a duochrome holographic nail polish, and yes! its a closely dupe of Ozotic Pro 531 from Mish Mash Collection 
Ozotic Pro is known for their gorgeous duochromes and now duochrome holos. Since Ozotic is one of those pricey polish like Nfu Oh, i can't afford them as of now.. LOL and i decided to create my own Ozotic Pro 531 and here's my creation :)

here's the bottle pic

and here's the picture of Ozotic 531
credits for More Nail Polish :) you can visit her post by clicking HERE

closely dupe huh? :) what can you say?? :)
leave a comment! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nfu Oh Glitter Series #14


howya doin?? well today i want to show you this nail polish.. Nfu Oh GS#14
it's really hard to capture its beauty, pictures cannot justify it.. but i did my best on this shots..
here it is! :)

and yes! this polish is on my wish list so i am very happy that i have it on my stash now :)
this is a jelly base polish so it is perfect for those holo glitters :) hihihihi! 2 coats is perfectly enough :)
i really love Nfu Oh, they're really good in making holos and flakies :)

until next post! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NAIL ART CONTEST Please Help me to win

Hello funks! :) just a quick post.. :)

Follow the steps :)

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Thank You!! here's my Nail Art Entry

please help me to win, the one who has high number of likes will win.
Thank You!! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

HOLO WEEK: Milani Cyberspace + New years Haul


This is my 2nd post for this year.. lol today i will be featuring CYBERSPACE, a holographic nail polish from MILANI. I bought this from my friend Annie. So here's my swatches :)

This polish is fast drying. If you love holographic nail polish with subtle holo effect this one is for you. I love also the smooth application and its light blue color. All in all i love it!! :) 
i have here additional pictures for you. I layered BSJ D1 at the top of Milani Cyberspace check out what's the outcome! :)

can you see the difference? BSJ polish gives a linear effect. Wew! I love it! hihihi.. I really love BSJ polish! it always give an instant holo effect :) hihihi 

So now i want to show you my New Year's Nail Polish Haul
I always thank the Good Lord for my blessings. And of course my Family(especially my Brother and Father) for giving me financial support. LOL and my Boyfriend for so much love <3  *giggles*

Top Shengji Polishes, Milani Cyberspace, Color Club Covered in Diamonds, Nfu Oh Aqua Base, Nfu Oh GS14 and fimos(gift)
Close up pictures

ShengJi #15 and #11
ShengJi #29 and #10
Milani Cyberspace

Color Club: Covered in Diamonds
Nfu Oh: Aqua Base and Nfu Oh: GS14
Fimos these are just a gift from my friend :)

yes! i start my 2012 with buying some of my Wish List :)
Milani Cyberspace, Color Club Covered in Diamonds, Nfu oh Aqua Base and Gs14 are on my wishlist,haha i am so happy! Hope you enjoy my post with loads of pictures. LOL


Saturday, January 7, 2012

HOLO WEEK: BSJ Holographic Nail Polish pt.3


Happy New Year!! :) How's your new year?? sorry for not blogging for the past few week.. been very busy but now i'm back haha with lots of holographic to post and polishes to swatch! :) 
today i will show you another holo polish from BSJ holographic nail polish, it is a silver holo and almost a dupe of OPI DS Shimmer you can top it to any polish to give a holo finish :) and i also call this as "My Precious"
these are my swatches :) enjoy!!

those picture above is taken under Direct Sunlight :) Did you know that even in Indirect Sunlight you can also see those holo goodness? 

Indirect Sunlight

now you know why i call this "My Precious"  :)
the application is very smooth like Designer Series from OPI does. I really love it! These polish is also HTF that's why when you search it on the internet you can RARELY find swatches of these precious holo from BSJ :) I am glad that i have them! :)
if you missed my post of other BSJ HOLO POLISH just click the pictures below :)



 until tomorrow :)


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