Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Designs part 3

Just a random designs i made, enjoy the Pictures! ^_^

This is a water decals, available on my Online shop on facebook: "Neelai Fashionhub"
this is my favorite design as of now ^_^

Bobbie Megnet-ficent polish, this is 3 thick coats
And i stamp using Magnonails A27. I used mint green stamping polish. also available on my online shop ^_^

This one is from The Face Shop, one of my favorite nail polish brand ^_^ i really love this apple green polish!~
this is 2 coats without top coat

And then i got inspired with my base color so i decided to paint leaves on them.
this is freehand. i used acrylic paints

for those who are fb addict these nails suits for them teeheehee!
i used MJ PLATE (available on my FB shop)

"Garden Nails"
freehand nail art, this is quite messy.. hehe

"On the Field"
One Stroke Nail design
hope i can do more detail next time :)

"Tribal Nails"
"Nail Nerds"
I used MJ3 Image Plate, still available on my blog sale :)

"French Fries Nail Art"
This is freehand. I'm still not satisfied with this, though it makes me hungry hehe

i'm toooooo lazy back then when i made this design, lol!



  1. Hey sis! :) You mentioned here that you sell plates. Do you also sell polishes?

  2. The first ones are absolutely beautiful! :)


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