Monday, April 30, 2012

FRANKEN WEEK: I Teally Love You

Hello there! this is my third post for the FRANKEN WEEK,
today i will show you a Teal holo i made. I named it I TEALLY LOVE YOU

Chic Dare
La Belle Majestic Green
Spectraflair 35
BK Nail Lacquer Thinner

time for pictures!! :)

this is my favorite franken!! i will tell you why on my next post! ^_^


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FRANKEN WEEK: Majestic Grass & Part'Y

Hello! It's been a while since my last update and sorry for that,been busy for the past weeks.. :)
so now i'm gonna show you my two frankens so I warn you for tons of pictures! ^_^

First is Majestic Grass
the formula:
Bobbie Emerald
Spectraflair 35
BK Nail Lacquer Thinner

Plus i have a video for this polish :)

Second is  PART'Y
the formula:
24k Flakies blue/violet, orange, and green 
Essie Shine of the Times
Gosh Rainbow

xoxo till next post! :) By the way you can Follow me on INSTAGRAM just search NEELAI14

God Bless! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012



As i promised, i will start to post the swatches of my franken nail polishes :)
they're not for sale hehe! since these are my babies hehe!
I want to show you first the black holo i made, my inspiration on this nail polish is
Flash Black from Layla's Holoraphic nail polish line :)

Bobbie Weng Weng
Bobbie Kohl
Spectraflair 35
BK Nail Laquer Thinner

and i want to share to you the Gifts i receive this past months :)

OPI Wall Rack 
OPI DS Couture
OPI DS Shimmer
OPI DS Elegance
OPI Midnight in Moscow
OPI My Private Jet
LA Girl Trilogy
Bonjour Blue polish
Color Club Angel's and Pink
Essie Matte top Coat

GIFT FROM Cathy of More Nail Polish;
Glitter Gal 3d/Holographic Red
Glitter Gal 3d/Holographic Blue
Glitter Gal 3d/Holographic Dark Purple
Spectraflair 35

Gift from Ate Meann;
Catherine Arley #667

Gift from Thriszha of FAB UR NAILS:
Wet n Wild Grays Anatomy
Franken Polish

and additional polishes i bought;
Etude House Lavender Matte Polish
Color Club Wild and Willing
24k Black Pearl

That's it! i'm so blessed with so much support on my friends. ^_^

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sneak Peak on my Franken Nail Polishes


just a quick post for the upcoming swatches teeheeheehee!!
here's my franken nail polishes, :)

yay! so excited to post my new made polishes! hihihi!
watch out! :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Violet Nails

Heyah! ^_^

who loves violet here? please raise your feet, LOL
i know lots of girls love violet colors so i create a nail design using a violet base color.

i love my nails because it getting longer and longer hehe! 

and this is my base color, one of the cutest color for me of Caronia :)

till next post ^_^

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