Thursday, July 21, 2011

candlelight :)


i have another design readers :) the base color is my first franken polish :)

as you can see the stamp is not that visible on my base color. i learned that when you have a glittery base you need to use a regular color of  stamping polish not a metallic one :) 

but i hope that you still love this mani hehe! :)

new mani


wanna share this my new design :)

violet again hehehe! xoxo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

forest on my nails

hello readers!! :)

this is my NOTD. i really love this nail art, especially this combination of colors. it's likeforest on my nails,hehe hope you like it too! :)
i used fab polish for that :) really love 'em! :)

hope you like it sweeties! :)

violet for nails


i want to share this nail design, its really simple, though really cute! hehehe i love violet colors too! :) as you can see i can't get the full image of the flowers, i think i need lots of practice,hehe and lots of image plates :) 

hope you like it! :)

New Stamping Polish

Hello readers! :)

today i want to share my new stamping polishes it's FAB SPECIAL POLISH, i want to share this coz its really beautiful!!! i love the colors!! :) did you know that i just order 11 colors but then the seller gave me 4 more polishes and 2 image plates, just for free!!! hehehehe! i really love them! :) gosh! this is my first time ever having a stamping polish,hehe and of course from now on you can see lots of stamping nail art designs,hihihihi! sorry for bragging this things,haha what can i say? im just happy for having this stuffs!! hihihi! :)

by the way i want to thank my eldest sister,hihihi coz she gave me some money so i can buy this stuffs haha :) thank you ATE!!(ate means eldest sister in tagalog)


i have a tutorial requested by BeautyBehaved

Hello Ladies! :)

as i promised to BeautyBehaved, im now doing a tutorial on how to use a tattoo(washable) as a nail art design. :) actually i have a video tutorial for this but i have a problem with converting it.. huhuhuhu but then lets start! :)

1st Step:
Apply your base color 

2nd Step: 
if you have a big tattoo of course it will not fit your nails so you need to cut it.

3rd Step:
put it on your nails like this 

4th Step:
soak a cotton ball in the water and put it on the top of the tattoo until it slide on your nails.  then the tattoo design will now transfer on your nails :) 

5th Step:
and then apply your desired top coat :)

actually using a tattoo(washable) on nails is actually the same instructions when you apply it on your skin. the difference is just you put it on your nails and not in your skin hehe

i hope it will help you,try it for yourselves too! 
Of course,  BeautyBehave i hope this tutorial really helps you, mwuah! love yeah! :)  thank you so much! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pucca decals


i thought i have 4 designs, but then i have 5. so here's my 5th design :) i used Pucca water decals here :) 
on my base, first i apply white polish so the colors will be more visible. i mix yellow and blue :) then on my thumb, i apply opi black shatter :) i really love it! :)

i love 'em! hehe so cute! this is my NOTD hehe :) and  i want to share to you this pic. this is a view from our rooftop. A Sunrise :)

if i'm not mistaken, the time is 5:50 am

till next post! :) hehe 

dragon holo

hello readers!! :)

my 4th design for this day :) hehe 

with flash

that polish is one of my favorite :) its OPI DS Vintage :)  
i don't think that it looks like a dragon nail art, lol! 

simple mani part 2 "what is it"


This is my 3rd design. hmm... i can't think of what i named for this nail art,hehe thought it looks very simple and of course very easy to do :)  hmmm..... until now while i'm typing i'm still thinking..hahaha hmmmm...... never mind! haha here's the mani :)

as you can see my base color is a mid holo polish. i forgot to take a photo without the design so you can clearly see the holo goodness :)

sky,sun and the wind


im back again ahaha so now i'll  post lots of designs, i guess i have 4 post for this day,ahaha of course for those days that i have a bad connection(though till now), i've created nail arts :) so this is my 2nd design :) i hope you enjoy hehe! :) by the way they are all simple hehe! :) don't expect more :) lol 

so now here comes the title.. "sky, sun and the wind"  why i named it like that???? 
haha coz the blue color is for the sky, yellow for the sun and those swirls represent the wind.
do you agree with its name?? haha thanks for stopping by sweeties!! :) 

simple mani


Im back! hehe! sorry for having a lack of post for a couple of days, my internet connection really sucks here!!!! ~_~  till now it really sucks! so im just lucky now to have a 1 bar signal,haha  by the way, this is my mani :)

this is very simple, you can do it also on your nails, of course explore new color combinations :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Yellow polish and decals

hello readers! :)

i'm gonna share my new nail art!! :) i only have one photo for this. Since yellow and black is one of my favorite combination, i put a printed black water decals on the middle. :)

hope you love it! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

tiger design

Hello! :)

this is a mani suggested by my sweet friend Vanessa :) 
she told me that "hey Ai, i want a tiger nail art! rawr!.."  hehe! and  i hope that she will love this,hehe 

tiger nail art

i love taking photos of my nails :) i really love them! hehe! :)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Another Glitter Post readers!!! :) hehe if you read my previous post you already know that im in love with glitters, hehehe! in this mani i used a yellow polish. i top it with glitters that you can easily buy in your groceries or national bookstores :) hehe here's my mani :)

i really love it! :) i starting to love yellow polish now..hehehe!

while doing this post, Convergys Company called me to have a phone interview, gosh!! i'm not!

Layering :)

Hello Readers! :)

As i promised, i have a post here about layering :) 
since Del Sol Ruby Slippers is a clear polish with glitters, it is perfect to combine to other colors :)


My ring finger is Ruby Slipper itself with 2 coats. 
My index finger is my favorite coz it turns into metallic red, i really love it! :)
you can try it too! :)


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