Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink Foil + pink nail arts

Foil nails

Who loves nail foils??? i'm a fan of nail foils coz i love how shiny they are and how they create the hologram effect. BUT when they are already on my nails, i HATE them! i hate how crumpled they are and when you apply topcoat they can show more crumpiness!(is there such a word crumpiness?LOL)
and if you wear them without top coat, it ruin within 10mins or less! yeah i hate foils, i just love to stare at them on the container.. haha :) but i have an idea to help this manicure to survive. You need to stamp on it so you can hide some of the crumpled part. I name this mani Ranger Pink coz it reminds me of power ranger, teeheehee! ^_^

Power Ranger Nails: "Ranger Pink"

and this is some simple pink nail design that i also come up with. ^_^ simple stamping and beads.



  1. You're right it does look like an awesome Power Ranger!

  2. Love that effect!

    Give a look, and follow <3 Lady Fashionista Blog
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  3. I really like the results!:):)


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