Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drawings, sketches, and nail art Part 1


good morning guys! im really inspired to post this,hehe because of  Dilan  of dilandilir she's really good in drawings!!! all i can say is a WOW !!  :) i really love her blog, you MUST visit her!! :) jus  click here
 since my boyfriend and i love to draw(especially my boyfriend,haha), i want to share our creations, hehe! i really love ART that's how i love NAIL ART too, coz i can express my creativity on my nails and it's really challenging hehe! 

my boyfriend love to draw, these are some of his sketch :)

Naruto sketch

Naruto sketch 

Naruto sketch  

Naruto sketch 

anime sketch 

Naruto sketch 

haha lots of naruto and hinata sketch huh,hehehe! sorry for the blurry pictures, he only use his webcam for this pictures :)

and these are my drawings hahaha i'm still practicing eh,hehehe!

i forgot who is this,hehe

this is requested for me by my best friend :)

this is garfield without a color 
Prince Mackaroo cast this is one of my favorite cartoons

and of course Spongebob ad his friends :)

as you can see we love anime,hehehe! we really do :) my boyfriend really loves to draw, and me??? i  love it too but i'm not really good at it,lol as you can see in my pictures there's a date,haha i draw them last year.. and i'm really thankful that i visit Dilan's blog, i'm really eager to draw again and practice more :) thanks hun!! :)

i have here an additional picture for this post hehe!

i used:
etude "white"
caronia "pink lily" for sponge technique
Fab Stamping Polish "metallic blue" and "navy blue"
Color trends "143" (glitter topcoat)
Large Image Plates

hope you like it!! :)


  1. Olá flor *-* Adooorei os desenhos liindos!
    E essa unha, arrasou, ficou um amor
    Passa lá no blog, que tem sorteio rolando !
    Beijos :*

  2. awww these are so cute & good!
    i love your garfeild!(;

    <3 BB

  3. I love all your drawings! Especially the naruto and anime ones, Great Nail Art design too!

  4. These drawings are awesome!! I love the naruto and anime ones. Great nail art design too!

  5. These are great! Maybe someday I'll feel confident enough to post my drawings too. XD

  6. So So pretty!!

    Loved it and following!


  7. wow, you're both very talented :-D
    nice mani :-D

  8. Great sketches! You and your boyfriend are both very talented. AND I love the nails :D

  9. Omg the drawings are so good!! The nails look so cute!


  10. this entry is what catched my attention the most... frankly I don't know how to draw... the only art that i know is nail art.... that is why i'm so happy to look at the creations of those who can... keep it up...


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