Saturday, September 17, 2011

new plates and sunny denim nail art :)


yey! my new Fab Plates just arrived yesterday,hihihihi!! and im really really excited to mix and match new designs!! here is my nail art using Fab III plate

i used:
24k "majestic blue"
Large Image Plates
sponge technique 
Fab III plate

gosh! fab plates really transfer the full designs, i really love it! and its very cheap for just 200php per plate and 750php for the 4 plates :) i will create other designs using this fab plates hihihihi
this are some pictures of the plates

take a closer look

which is my favorite among these plates???? nah... i love them all!! hehe if your interested about these plates you can check their Facebook account at Fab Ur Nails Shop
what's the good news??? well, they ship international :) 
so what are you waiting for?????? go to Fab Shop!! hehehe

mwah! :)


  1. Oooooo I love the plate with Hello Kitty! I wish I could stamp as good as you!! I only have 3 small plates :P

  2. This is really awesome! I love this look!

  3. I love your nails! And the image plates are great!

  4. This really looks like denim with the double stamping. Very cute.

  5. Pucca! Serious these plates rock!
    I love your mani. it's very original and well done! so pretty!

  6. These are gorgeous!! And your nails are stunning!! You started following me, which I am glad you did so now I can follow you :)

  7. love it all!!! and your mani is beautiful..

  8. @Kirshten - thank you hun, did you know that before i only have 1 small plate,haha when i decided to focus on stamping that's where i buy and buy more plates :)

  9. @Fingers - thak you so much! :) i love your creations too :)

    @Liz - yes the image plates are awesome!hehe thank you :)

    @BevyDoll - hihihi thank you hun :) you're so sweet :)

    @Nailderella - awww... thank you so much :) love yah hun! :)

  10. @Paulina - for USD
    200php = 4.62214 USD
    and for the whole set is
    750php = 17.3330 USD
    that's the conversion of Philippine Peso to US Dollar :) you can go to for your own conversion :)

  11. @Delaynee - thanks hun, i follow you coz i'm very interested on your blog :) mwah! :)

    @misaya - hihihihi thank you so much dear :) love yah! :)

  12. Beautifulll! I like your many very much! And those plates! Some really nice images!

  13. thank you soooooo much ladies!! :) i love all your works too :)

  14. oh my gosh.. I LOVE the glow in the dark polish!!! i have to get that!


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