Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PATAPON nail art design


Today is such a rainy day! i love to hug and hug my pillows. haha While playing my favorite PSP game which is Patapon.

(Review of patapon from

The first Patapon was a real-time strategy game designed for the Sony PSP in which a player takes control of a tribe of creatures known as the Patapon. You must then control the Patapon across the field of battle using specific sequences of drum rhythm patterns.
Entering the correct sequences will offer strength bonuses to your tribe and making mistakes will have negative affects. After each battle the player must choose armaments, recruit new Patapon, and evolve existing Patapon based on experience gain and gold earned. Patapon 2 expands on the first game by offering new Patapon to control, including a hero class or “Heropon. A new form of Patapon evolution has been added as well as new unseen weapons and special attacks.

 I decided to created a nail art inspired by it. ^_^

PATAPON nail art

hope you like it! 


  1. This looks great! So adorable!

  2. thanks minty! ^_^ the base color is L8R G8R from cina glaze omg collection,hihi i really love holos! ^_^


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