Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UnderWater Magic of Sally Hansen Amber Ruby


today i will show yah some magic!! lol i really love Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Collection but the sad part is.. i own only ONE from that collection. You know Sally i love you for releasing these gorgeous nail polishes and i hate you for discontinuing it! :)  because of that i only have Amber Ruby on my stash. I really really love these polish! it turns into metallic red, gold, and green in some angles. Blue can also be seen but only for the underwater pictures.. Yes! today i'll show you some underwater shots of Amber Ruby(thanks Goose for this idea!) here's my underwater pictures, enjoy them!! :)

this is two coats over 24k Black Pearl

 Sally Hansen Amber Ruby Outdoor shot

i wish the underwater shots is the same as the outdoor shots! Hey Sally, we're not underwater creatures!! LOL


  1. wow! this effect is amazing!
    love it!
    xo ;*


  2. Too beautiful! I wish I owned more of the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms too! Why did they have to discontinue them?!?! :'(

  3. Didn't know it done that! I'm gonna have to wear it in the bath now lol :-)

  4. stunning, you have captured the colours perfectly x

  5. Wow!! O_o underwater polishes are completly new to me! So cool, but its a petty that it shows his beauty only under water!! By the way: i'm totally in love with your unicorn puke franken <3<3 its spectacular :-D

  6. Awesome!!! This nail polish is... I don't have words to describe it!! I really want it ^^

  7. Those underwater shots are amazing!!! I'm a new follower btw! Check out my blog if you get a chance :)

  8. Wow! They look amazing under water! So smart and very cool.

  9. Wow, I love the underwater pictures! So gorgeous! :)


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