Friday, July 15, 2011

Yellow polish and decals

hello readers! :)

i'm gonna share my new nail art!! :) i only have one photo for this. Since yellow and black is one of my favorite combination, i put a printed black water decals on the middle. :)

hope you love it! :)


  1. Yellow and black are a good combination indeed! I like to pair yellow and black shatter:) Those decals are really nice, like plaits in hairs.

  2. Super cute and creative!

  3. so gorgeous! love this yellow polish :)

  4. i love the print lol

    <3 BB

    btw check my blog for a smile ;)

  5. It´s me again! Just wanted to tell you, that I tagged you! :) Here is the link, for more info:

  6. I love yellow and black combinations as well, especially on sneakers! Great job on the mani!

    Oh, I've tagged you with a blog award by the way!

  7. Love this it reminds me of bees so cute good job amd your nails are just lovely!

  8. Love it, black and yellow is a great combination :)

  9. @Theodora R. - thanks theo! :)

    @tata-nadaver - hihi thanks again sweetie! :)

    @Brooke - thanks! your cool too! :)

    @Audrey L - thank you! ow yes shatter combine with yellow polish is really great! :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous - thank you hun! :)

    @grzee - aww.. thank you! :)

    @BeautyBehaved - i'll check it now sweetie! :)

    @Theodora R. - thanks for tagging dear! :)

  10. @karo - thank you! :)

    @Eileen - thanks! check it now too :)

    @♥beauxs mom - yeah bees, haha so cute! :)

    @audrey marie - yes ehehe i really love summer colors, they are so beautiful :)

    @-Diana- - i really agree diana,hihihi thanks! :)


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