Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bobbie: Smashed Violet


I have a local brand crackle polish for today, Smashed Violet from Bobbie. I will show you the swatch now :)

Smashed Collection from Bobbie has 3 shades,
Smashed Black
Smashed Red and
Smashed Violet

i didn't purchased the two polish coz i don't have enough money on my pocket that time.. lol (yeps! i'm a poor little girl, LOL) and besides smashed violet got my attention. I love it's violet shade, not too dark and not too light. hihi though here in the Philippines we have other local polish that already have a "crackle effect", but for me, i suggest you MUST buy this polishes from Bobbie coz it's very pigmented when you apply, unlike other local brands. Well just to make a twist i add some stamps on my mani :) hope you like it!

i am not paid to say good stuffs about this brand. I'm just being honest :)


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