Wednesday, January 25, 2012

L.A. Colors "Pink Sizzle"


I am back again.. ugh! sorry for not being active this past couple of days.. I've been addicted to watch One Piece every time.. haha :) 
So now i did a swatch for L.A. Colors "Pink Sizzle"  i really love its color, the opacity?? well it's kinda sheer but you can work it out. 3 coats is enough and the outcome is gorgeous! it's a mild duochrome nail polish, you can see copper, pink and violet in different angles. On my swatch i didn't apply a top coat.

isn't it gorgeous for just $1?? This is one of my favorite pink shades :) and when you look on its bottle it's like a dupe of Diva of Geneva by OPI but when you swatch them, you can see the big difference. Diva of Geneva is much darker in color. When you want dark shades i prefer you buy Diva of Geneva, but when you love not to loud colors but very girly i prefer you buy Pink Sizzle :)

Before i forgot..hehe on my last post i have a holographic duochrome franken which i named "Cooper" LOL i simply name it Cooper coz it's color is Copper, haha well it's hard to think of a name for your
oh! oh! back to the main topic.. I know some of you wondering what's my formula for this polish, well of course i want to share its formula to you readers :) My formula is.... tenenenenenen!! Sally Hansen "Amber Ruby" from Nail Prisms Collection and BSJ Silver Holographic nail polish :) yes! i only mix 2 polishes :) well BSJ is hard to find so i prefer any Silver Holographic Polish will do, :) and if you don't have Amber Ruby, you can use any duochrome polish you have in your stash :) just be creative and you will be surprise with the outcome! :) just be delicate to your baby while mixing its mama and papa, LOL
 so so so so let us see again COOPER! LOL

buhbye readers! until next post! gotta watch The Walking Dead Season 2 :)


  1. i love that first polish! it's really gorgeous.

    & OH MY GOSH, THAT FRANKEN!! i'm completely in LOVE.

    1. thank you sarah :) i am in love with Cooper too,hehe!

  2. I really like the LA Colors one. I have a few LA Colors but none this pretty. The formula and wear is pretty good for a dollar! And your Cooper is freakin amazing! I love it. You are talented, girlie :)

  3. aww... you making me blush.. :) thank you Ms. Pretty! :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your secret duochrome-holo formula to us :)

    1. hehe you're welcome bunny! hope it will help you too :)

  5. yep yep! that's one of my favorite too :)


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