Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nfu Oh Glitter Series #14


howya doin?? well today i want to show you this nail polish.. Nfu Oh GS#14
it's really hard to capture its beauty, pictures cannot justify it.. but i did my best on this shots..
here it is! :)

and yes! this polish is on my wish list so i am very happy that i have it on my stash now :)
this is a jelly base polish so it is perfect for those holo glitters :) hihihihi! 2 coats is perfectly enough :)
i really love Nfu Oh, they're really good in making holos and flakies :)

until next post! :)


hello sweeties! :) thank you for stopping by. :)
all your comments are really appreciated, i will answer them the best i could :)

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