Saturday, January 7, 2012

HOLO WEEK: BSJ Holographic Nail Polish pt.3


Happy New Year!! :) How's your new year?? sorry for not blogging for the past few week.. been very busy but now i'm back haha with lots of holographic to post and polishes to swatch! :) 
today i will show you another holo polish from BSJ holographic nail polish, it is a silver holo and almost a dupe of OPI DS Shimmer you can top it to any polish to give a holo finish :) and i also call this as "My Precious"
these are my swatches :) enjoy!!

those picture above is taken under Direct Sunlight :) Did you know that even in Indirect Sunlight you can also see those holo goodness? 

Indirect Sunlight

now you know why i call this "My Precious"  :)
the application is very smooth like Designer Series from OPI does. I really love it! These polish is also HTF that's why when you search it on the internet you can RARELY find swatches of these precious holo from BSJ :) I am glad that i have them! :)
if you missed my post of other BSJ HOLO POLISH just click the pictures below :)



 until tomorrow :)



  1. I love the BSJ Duo5 picture you took. Although, I am a sucker for any holo polish. They are just so much fun to look at.

  2. Wow so much holo goodness!!!!


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