Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sneak Peak on my Franken Nail Polishes


just a quick post for the upcoming swatches teeheeheehee!!
here's my franken nail polishes, :)

yay! so excited to post my new made polishes! hihihi!
watch out! :)


  1. I see holo and glitter! What more could anyone want? I'd love to try these, they look great!

  2. Lots of pretties. I want to see Sweet Tooth and Pistachio :)

  3. Hello! Are these for sale? Also, where can I get the polish in your profile picture? It looks awesome!

    1. @Juls - nope.. they aren't for sale, these are my own collections, but if you want one i'll give it to you... ^_^

    2. the one i'm wearing on my profile is an underwater shot of Sally Hansen Amber Ruby :)

    3. Wow! I've been trying to look for BSJ holo nail polish I see on your blog but I can't find them anywhere for sale even online :(
      And your polish is too precious to give away! You can just share the secret so I can make my own ;) as soon as I can find the BSJ holo nail polishes!


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