Friday, January 18, 2013

Water Spotted Nails using a Fragrance

Hello Dear Bloggers!! :)

It is so nice to be back! :) Hope you enjoy your Christmas and New Years Eve hehe! I don't have enough time on holiday season to make a christmas and new year's nail design so i end up celebrating them with plain colors and glitters.. hehe
let's get back to the main dish! I want to show you this design i am into now, It is called "Water Spotted". Yes SPOTTED!! i got curious about it coz the effect is like OPI black spotted which everyone got crazy when they first saw it(i'm one of them haha) and not all of us can buy them because it is exclusive for ladies who live in France. If i'm not mistaken it is only available at Sephora France!(they are so mean!!). But now, you don't have to  buy OPI Spotted coz  you can create your own spotted nails by this technique. I watched this video on YouTube, i know that you knew her, she is CUTEPOLISH. All you need is cup of water, nail polish(any color you prefer), and hand sanitizer. But on my designs, i used our local fragrance named "Lewis and Pearl" instead of using a hand sanitizer. :) I think you can use any fragrance you have in your home. ^_^
so lets the Pictures begin!! ^_^

I tried also to make little circles using a Gold Polish. My base color is Black

The effect is depend on the polish you used and the way you spray your hand sanitizer/fragrance. It is best to watch CutePolish video tutorial for this, :) until next post amigas! ^_^

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  1. These are so pretty - especially that second one! I must try this sometime!


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