Friday, January 18, 2013

Weird nail design + nail polish hauls

Hello there!! 

I find this design a bit weird, haha.. it give me creeps whenever i saw my nails, haha :)
I used mj plate and the base color is one of my frankens, :)
oh by the way, i received gifts this christmas and new year, i want to show them.. hihi

This is my Chistmas Gift from Mae, blogger of Art Of Nails
i love them all! i can't wait to try all of them!! lol

these babies are from Meann, my very very good and trusted friend! hihihi! she's the owner of MyOnlineShop, yes we sell MJ PLATES! haha she's the admin. hihi! At last my NFU Holos are complete! haha :) i can't wait to try all my polishes!!! hihihihihi

Swatches will be soooooonnn as long as i finish posting my nail designs here, teeheeheehee! :)
For those who are on Instagram, don't forget to follow me, just search "NEELAI14" i am more updated there, hehe! :)

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  1. haha neat nails! I am so jealous of all of you NFUohs! I only have 1 but I luvsss it :D


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