Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Orly Space Cadet over The Face Shop BK901


how ya doin'?? :)  hehe Today i'll show you a Duochrome from Orly. My favorite Space Cadet :)
here are my pictures

since Space Cadet is one of those sheer polish i decided to layer it on black nail polish which is from The Face Shop BK901. I applied 2 coats of BK901 and 1 heavy coat of Space Cadet.
i love the outcome :)
i heard from other bloggers that The Face Shop BK901 is a dupe of OPI Unripened and yes they're almost the same :)



  1. I love Space Cadet! Love the stamping

  2. your nails are so long. I wonder how you manage to keep them pretty...hehehe

  3. Very pretty! I am tagging you and will have a post about it tomorrow!


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