Monday, July 11, 2011

Sharingan "Naruto Nail Art"


Do anyone love NARUTO manga series?? hehe coz i have my mani inspired by it! of course this idea came from my boyfriend who is really an avid fan of Naruto hehe he requested a Sharingan eyes.  i'm not really a fan of Naruto, so i can't explain to you what Sharingan is, haha all i know is their red eyes hehe! here is my mani :)

Sharingan Nail art (naruto)

since my brother love Manga Series, we have lots of different Manga Series collection. :)
hope you like it! :)
till next post :)


  1. Love the nails! And the manga hehe :)

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  2. Ohh I used to love naruto so I do get the sharingan :) Really nice anime manicure look! The colours work well together.

  3. Thank you for following me! Sorry I took so long to check out your blog. It's absolutely wonderful! I love all your ideas.

    Also my boyfriend is OBSESSED with Naruto and this is such a cute idea. I love it!!!! I don't really like naruto either -__- but I'm glad I'm not the only girl with a Naruto loving boyfriend haha.


  4. @Lorena Flor - thanks! :)

    @Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera - thanks sweetie! :) hehe!

    @Jessica-Marie - yey! :) i will check your blog sis! :)

    @Audrey L - thank you! hehe though i need lots of practice in freehand :)

    @Spin - that's okay hun :) hehe! my boyfriend too! hehe :)

  5. Naruto^^ i brother is also soo into it....always on it^^....but i love your nail art very pretty^^

  6. Mi_Mi - im so happy that you like them though they are a little edgy,hehe! mwah! :)


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