Monday, June 20, 2011

Swimming Dolphins

Hello lovely readers. :)

Today i designed swimming dolphins on my nails, hehe! 

My Base color is one of my favorite! It's Bobbie Patent Blue. You can see on the tip the water effect.(haha yes its water! don't argue!haha) lol!  actually that water effect must be done by sponge technique, but i don't have any sponge in our little house so i decided to used a cotton buds,ahaha! yes! i used it, :P
i just put a small amount of polish on the tip, then dab it, then that's it! LOL 

and that dolphin, i used sticker stencil, that is one of my freebies from the owner of MyOnlineShop. (she's really kind! ^_^ )
and this is my first time to used a sticker stencil, so you see those dolphins are "not so perfect"  LOL!

Swimming Dolphin nail art

Swimming Dolphin nail art

hope you like it! :)


hello sweeties! :) thank you for stopping by. :)
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