Sunday, August 21, 2011

do you have a nail art request?just leave a comment

hello ladies!! :)

its Sunday afternoon when this idea come up, hehe since i've been doing nail art for a year, and i created lots of designs for a whole year round, i think i need you too guys to help me think of  new designs :) so if you have any suggestions or requests, just leave a comment here :) i promise that i will do my best! hehe

actually i'm nervous that no one will request or leave a comment here.. hehe thank you!! :)


  1. I'd like to see more designs like the tutorial you did using a stick on tattoo. I've been planning to do one myself since your tutorial, and it might give me more inspiration!

  2. Do a "getting to know neelai" nail art week. Do stuff like your favorite music/bands/artists, biggest inspiration, favorite colors/polishes skittle, one inspired by your birds, etc.

  3. how about sponge bob on your nails ;-D

  4. I'm not sure if you've done this already but have you done ambre nails? where one nail is a different color but it goes from.. ex. hot pink to light pink and colors in between...hehehe im not very creative when it comes to nails, hope you have a wonderful day my love!

  5. @Sarah - a tattoo nail art? of course i'll do another design for that, :)

    @Kate - such a good idea!! :) i can do a neelai nail art for the whole week, thank you! :)

    @nail crazy - i've already done spongebob nail art, but i can create another one for you :)

    @Joy - i love it! :) i haven't done that,hehe i'll post is soon :)

  6. thanks for all your suggestions sweeties!! i'll put it all on my list, hehehe! thank you!! :)


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