Saturday, August 13, 2011

do they look like flowers??

hello again! :)

another nail stamp.hehe as you can see i have lots of nail stamps post now,hehe coz im practicing my stamp technique :)

 i have here my new nail art, i have a question, do they look like flowers??hehe 


  1. i really love it! looks super cute :)

  2. I think they look like flowers. I also really like the background colors in this one!

  3. yes, they do look like flowers! and your stamping skills are not bad ;) I love the colors you choosed :)

  4. YES girl they do and this is one of my faves by you i love love love it!

    <3 BB

  5. this is so pretty! I like the gradient effect.

    Btw i'm filipino too :) Magkano na yung Caronia polishes? if you don't mind me asking because when we left Philippines we bought some and I believe it was 36 pesos? or about 40 something pesos.

    Also, Please check out my blog :) Just wanna let you know that I'm a newbie lol.

  6. THis looks really, really good!

  7. thanks ladies! hehe mwah! :)

    @Abby - same price pa din sis,hehe mas ok na gamitin ngayun yung caronia polish, nag evolve na din,hehehe!


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