Saturday, August 20, 2011

Color Club Wild at Heart on stamping


i have here my wild at heart from the holo of color club :)
 this polish is very opaque even on 1 coat :) and it has a very beautiful violet tone. when i bought it, my nail art friends suggested that it is good on stamping too, so viola!!! i came up to this design :)

did you see those holo glitz?? its really stunning!! :)
actually, wild at heart is really beautiful, but i just didn't stamp it well..haha there are some smudge..  hehehe
do you have other holo of COLOR CLUB?? which are your favorites?



  1. pretty :-) x love cc wild at heart, such a gorgeous summery colour x

  2. What a great mani! You can really see the awesome-ness of the base coat in some of the pics!

  3. omg this is amazing :) I love that patern...

  4. Oh my! I so want this color club, it looks gorgeous!

  5. What an awesome design! I just found your blog-am a new follower! Love your blog background


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