Saturday, July 2, 2011

TUTORIAL of "Playing with Needles"


this is a tutorial for my mani ''Playing with Needles'' requested by my super friends hehe! im going to show you the step by step procedure on how to make this design as i promise  ^_^

First i want to share to you the outcome :)

Playing with needles
You need to pick 4 polish. One is for your base color then the other 3 is for your color combination.

Step 1: Apply your base color
Step 2: Apply a horizontal line for both sides

Step 3: Apply a horizontal green polish on the center

Step 4: Apply a horizontal line again in the middle but be sure that it is more thin than the green polish
Step 5:  Now create a Zigzag or alternate lines on both sides using needles.
Then Ola!!! :) this is the outcome :)

hehe! hope you like it! :)


  1. Nice, different, the colors remind me of peppers(:

  2. @BeautyBehaved - thank you so much sweety! :) hehe i love its colors too :)

  3. wao good tutorial... will try this needle effect...

  4. @Paulina - thank you! :) mwah! :) thanks for following me :)

  5. wow i just have to try this out.beautiful! Following u of course!!!

  6. @♥byAnja - ow! hehe thank you sweety! thanks for following me too :)

  7. Thanks for this tutorial :) I've never thought about using a needle for manicure ^^

  8. Yup, definitely trying this! Thanks for sharing.

  9. @Iza - thanks! :)

    @Minty - no prob! :)

  10. I have tried it several times myself, but it never works out. Great to see on you, looks so beautiful!

  11. @Maartje - thank you! actually i don't used fast dry polish for this kind of nail art :)

  12. I love that! I'm going to try it!!!

  13. its so beautiful! all of ur nail art is so cute :-D

    im ur new follower :)
    please do check out my blog!


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