Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graduation Day!!!

Waaaaah! Our Graduation Day!! Hehe! This is a late post because my graduation is last March 28, 2011.  I think you knew what I feel that time. Its mix emotions. After those Stressful days.. Al last we’ve come to our final stage! Hehe when we’re marching I felt Goosebumps! Haha I dunno why. It’s Really Fun there! These are some pictures

It’s been a month after grad. And I really missed my Classmates, I missed those overnights.. haha even those eyebags. I missed sitting inside the classroom chattering while our professors explain our lessons. I missed all of them! By the way I took BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE(ComSci) I know this is just another stage for us to start. I hope one day when we meet each other again we’re all successful. And reminisce those Happy Days! ^_^ I love being a Computer Science Student and I’m a proud product of Taguig City Univercity!


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