Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HOLO WEEK: OPI DS Vintage Swatches


This is my 2nd post for the Holo week :)
today i will be featuring OPI DS Vintage. These is really easy to apply, very smooth and has a shiny finish :D
i always love this polish hehe and of course i love its color. And because i don't have a DS topcoat, i always wear it without a top coat :) 

did you like it too???  :)



  1. Wow! I want!!!!!! Hehe, I'll buy something from OPI this week. I hope they have holos there. :((

  2. hehehe OPI is one of my favorite brands of nail polish :)

  3. wow pretty long nails!!! thanks for following :)

  4. Very very cute .I love the sparks and glitz in it .

    Love your blog . Follow each other.


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