Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hand Feeding of Baby Lovebirds

Today I will share my pictures while feeding baby lovebirds.
My boyfriend is really an avid fan of lovebirds and so do I. Actually I experience feeding baby lovebirds before. This is my pictures

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His name is Birdie, a Parakeet Lovebird. I hand feed him for more than a week. But the sad part is after those week he’s getting weaker and weaker. When I got home after school, my mom said that birdie is dead.. I’m not shocked coz I know I don’t have enough time for him. I learned that if you want to hand feed your little birds, you need lots and lots of time for them..
My boyfriend also said that to me. So for now I didn’t hand feed any lovebirds. Maybe one day.. ^_^ when I have lots of time.

Now I want you to look at this pictures.
These are taken at my boyfriend’s house. We do hand feeding on his tamed love birds. Hehe its really fun! 


See, they really love me, haha! But after this picture taken, one of them poop on my hair.. hahaha! We had bunch of laughter there. Haha  These are other pictures.

Ehem! im serious! ^_^

Haha Tedy(our cute dog) just licked my nose,haha

Hope you love my post. Till next time!

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