Sunday, November 13, 2011

HOLO WEEK: OPI DS Signature Swatches


Today i'll be featuring OPI DS Signature 
i really love this polish! so pretty and very easy to apply,
you can apply 2 coats but in this photo i apply 3 coats to show lots of holo :)
enjoy staring in these photos! hehe :)

OPI DS Signature

OPI DS Signature

OPI DS Signature

i think this color makes my skin looks more darker hehe 

by the way i want to share to you our dogs :) 
Bruno and Yuki 

here comes Bruno, my very first model for my Photography
hehe He is such a very sweet and lovable pet! :) he will turn 5 months this coming November 25

and here's Yuki
one of the RARE color of Shih Tzu, a solid dark mahogany.
She is very smart and adorable! no doubt coz she's a champion line :) she's turning 3 months this coming November 31 

they're so so so cute!! :)
hope you enjoy my post :D


  1. Jealous!!! of the polish, your beautiful long nails and most of all the cute doggies!!!

  2. Oh my goodness-what cute doggies!

  3. hihihi thank you so much ladies :)

  4. Hi neelai! thank you for following me!!! I really appreciated your comment!!!
    Your Holographic nail polishes are to die for :Q____ and your shih zu puppies are just adorable!!! I had a shih zu by my own, Nicky he was 16 years old, but he passed away just last week ;( seeing your puppies made me think of him when he was just a little boy !!! <3 <3

  5. @Cupcake - oh thank you so much :) i'm really sad to hear that your puppy died.. T_T


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