Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello!! :)

a lazy afternoon guys! i missed sharing my nail arts with you.. sorry for being emotional on my last post. well i know that the Good Lord knows the truth :)

moving on.. i will show to you two designs :)

did you see that shadowy green beneath the flowers and swirls? that's also a stamp.. just exploring some techniques..hehe! 
what i used:
Large Image Plate
BM 225
Chic "neon yellow"
fab stamping polish in green, black and red

my second design :)

i don't know what to say on my second design.. haha :)
items i used:
Large images Plate
Sponge techniques
Chic "love orchid"
Color trends "salmon frost"
Chic "neon green"
Chic "neon yellow"
Fab stamping polish in lavender, maroon, red and black

what's your favorite among the two??

hey hey i have another blog award, its The Versatile Blogger
and thank you Shannara! mwah! visit shannara's blog by clicking HERE

Time for the rules :)
1. List 7 things about yourself
2. Pass this to 15 bloggers

Seven Things About Me:

1. i love to cook! :)
2. i love to read books i can pass a whole day reading, even skip a meal haha :)
3. i love hamburgers! junk foods! though they make my life shorter lol
4. i love to blog but i'm not really good in english, i always suck! :)
5. im always have a teary eyed every time i watched those touching episodes of my favorite Manga series "ONE PIECE" 
6. i drool everytime i saw holographic and glitter nail polish.haha
7. i fear GOD

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my Klean Color Holo Chrome just arrived now, hihihihi
swatches will be posted later :) this is my first ever klean polish :)

enjoy! :)


  1. Thank you for the generous award =) Love your nails!

  2. Thanks you for the award sweetie! Love your stamping combinations by the way :-)

  3. your nail art looks super great


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