Tuesday, February 14, 2012



holo! holo! holo! lol! hehe! you knew that i am in love with holo polishes and i hope someday that i can have some of glitter gal holos.. but as of now i can't afford them..haha such a poor girl..lol!
but the good news is, i have a holo top coat, all i do is find the same plain shade of that holo polish and then top it with my holo top coat, then ola! you have a closely dupe. :)

this time i want to have a dupe of Glitter Gal Dark Purple 3D/Holographic, so i went to my polish stash then find a dark shade of purple and i caught a local brand Bobbie Parasail, then i grab my holo top coat which consist of bsj holo and l.a. colors rapid dry top coat. And now time for the pictures :)

well i tried other violet shade that i found on my stash :) yeah yeah.. i'm into violet shades now, i so so so love it! hehe these pictures below is Elf Royal Purple top with holo top coat.

well they're not like Gliiter Gal Dark Purple 3D/Holograpic but who cares??? they still have a holo effect and that's what i like.. hehe! so what do you prefer to top a holo top coat, the first one or the second one??

next post i'll show you my holo franken violet, i named "Purplita"



  1. Where can I find that topcoat?

    1. it's only a silver holo polish and i add L.A. Colors Rapid Dry Top Coat

  2. Your holo top coat is excellent and your polishes look amazing. I'm sending you an email about Glitter Gal polishes.

  3. I'm SOOOOO jealous of your BSJ polishes. Shame they're LE. I really wanted the blue. :o(

  4. That is a really cool holo effect you create like this! I like the first color the most <3

    1. the first color is my favorite too, coz it's much darker than the second :)

  5. Oh so beautiful! I am also looking for a holo top coat. Super nice pictures and nice blog!


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