Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HOLO WEEK: BSJ Holographic Nail Polish part 4

Holo! i mean Hello! hehe! here's another BSJ holo polish, yes yes! i have another holo polishes that why i started a holo week again :) time for pictures!! :)

*drool* this is my favorite among my BSJ holo polishes, why? just stare at these pictures.. it has a strong holo ever!! its almost like nfu holos! this is 2 coats with Nfu Oh Aqua Base in between :) such gorgeous polish! at first i thought it was a dupe of OPI DS Vintage or DS Design.. but i am totally wrong! this polish is a LOT more holo than Vintage and Design :) i am glad that i have it! :) for those who wants this polish you can buy this on FAB UR NAIL SHOP. They ship international so grab yours now!!! :) this polish is a must have!! :)

till next post!  


  1. The link takes me to fbook, where is the store? That btw is one gorgeous holo!!

  2. You have the most amazing holos :)

  3. I love this color, A rich gold with holo, who could ask for anything prettier! As always, your nails look wonderful.

  4. i love you holo nails... look sooo gorgeous <3

  5. Oooh, shining, shimmering, splendid! The holo-hello thing really cracked me up:D

  6. What is the actual website or URL you got the nail polish from, because i cant find it on facebook.

    1. you can visit her website http://thriszha.blogspot.com/


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