Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Color Club Wild and Willing

hey ya! i miss blogging so much!!! T_T
i've got a hectic schedule for the past weeks.. i even miss doing my nails.. before, i change my mani 
almost everyday, doing a bunch of nail designs for just one day, but now.. ugh! my mani lasts even for a
week! yeah..  you know for an addict like me it's not normal, haha! before i can't get out of the house
without seeing a design on my nails, haha but now when i'm in a hurry my nails are painted plain.. and i
always choose a fast dry nail polishes... i miss nail arts!!!! T_T
for now, i will show yah a swatch of Color Club Wild and Willing,
this is really pretty. A very close for Orly Space Cadet, i will show a comparison between those two on 
my next post ^_^ 

this is  one of my favorite polish as of now :) This is two coats over black without top coat.
The application is good. Drying time is quite good. So that's it! hehe i'm on a mission again.
hehe i miss you readers!! Take Care!



hello sweeties! :) thank you for stopping by. :)
all your comments are really appreciated, i will answer them the best i could :)

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