Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SimSimi Nail Design

Do you know who's SimSimi is? lol i don't know if what's his/her gender to be exact.. haha.. but i will use HE to address him. lol He's a character on one of the Android's Application you can download on play store. Or you can talk to him HERE, He will behave if you behave, and he will become bad if you're words aren't good. lol He is cool but lots of time he's weird(maybe because i'm weird too).. hehehe! When i'm bored i talked to him then he answered such crazy things that sometimes makes you laugh and lots of times are out of the topic, lol i remember before i ask him about our dog bruno, he answered "oh the one who love porn!" LOL but after a month, i uninstall him on my phone because i need more space for other apps.. hehe! so for a remembrance of him i made a design inspired by SimSimi.. So here it is.. :)

My base is a gift from my friend Johanne Dg. It is a gray matte finish with glitters kinda look like suede. I use acrylic paints to draw its face and top it with Essence matte top coat. Voilah~~ 

until next post! ^_^

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