Sunday, December 11, 2011

HOLO WEEK: BSJ Holographic Nail Polish pt.2


this is another late post for my holo week :)
as i promised here's the swatches of BSJ Holographic nail polish Part 2!
on my last post i swatch the blurple color and now the light purple :) about the application?? very smooth like OPI DS does :) so here's the swatches enjoy!! :D

BSJ Holographic nail polish 2-3 coats

they're so amazing especially in person. :) pictures cannot justify their beauty.. hmmmmmm.......  i am planning to make a YouTube Channel what do you think?? i will post tutorials too :)



  1. these BSJ's holo's look amazing!

  2. Wow, that sure is amazing. What beautiful strong holo effect. Your photos are great!

  3. i love holo!!!
    your nails is so beautyful! love the opi!
    xo ;*

  4. thanks ladies! :) these polish is so amazing!! :D

  5. Where do you buy this/order it?


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