Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect "Flash Black"

Isn't it pretty??? This is the most gorgeous black holo i own so far, i really really love it!! Layla really rocks on their hologram nail polishes. This polish is gorgeous but the formula is almost the same with NFU OH holos. You need a special base/a nail file to see its perfect holo effect. I've tried it before on my boyfriend's nails, i tried to swatch it without a special base and i also didn't file his nails and the result is.. the holographic effect is dull.. i don't know why.. have anyone tried it too? Because i think when your nails is not smooth/shiny it can affect the hologram effect. hmmm.. but all in all this polish is lovely! :) i want to try Color Club Halo Hues, i hope someone will give at least one polish in the collection to me this Christmas, haha :) yeah At least ONE. lol Coz I've seen lots of good reviews on color club halo hues, less hassle coz you don't need to file nor use a special base for halo hues. ^_^
By the way, this is 2 coats under direct sunlight. I also focus the macro effect on the bottle so my nails looks blurry to help reveal the holonesssssssss!!! :)


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