Sunday, December 18, 2011

My First One Stroke Technique -Hibiscus Flower-


yey! i have my first ever One Stroke Nail Art that i've been longing to paint on my nails for years!
haha :) it is not perfect though, but still i love it! haha well here's the pictures :)

these design is inspired by Hibiscus Flower :) 

hihihihihi i love the aura of being so girly in these design :) i love it!! LOL and i prefer it to be matte than a shiny finish :)
the nail polish i hold there in the pictures is a Matte Top Coat from CNA(Capher Nail Art) it is made in Korea. These is my first ever Matte Top Coat and it only costs Php120

hope you like my first attempt of one stroke technique :)


hello sweeties! :) thank you for stopping by. :)
all your comments are really appreciated, i will answer them the best i could :)

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