Sunday, March 27, 2011

my nail arts

                                                                  Green! Green! Green!

This is my 2011 mani  ^_^

Dotted Black

different expressions! ^_^

my Panda nail art ft. adam hehe!

my ADAM LAMBERT nail art! i love adam so much! ^_^

i used Soft stamp for this mani

Spongebob and Patrick nail decals

Freehand. this design i found from the internet

yummy strawberries!

i love this colorful designs! hehe 

Chinese New Year mani


freehand love this simple design

my First try of stamping, ^_^

Girly Rock!

kitty! ^_^

Panda nail arts

freehand..hehe so messy.. ^_^



Freehand cat hehe

thanks to Ms. Tartofraises for letting me do this design. i adore all her designs! ^_^


Girly Pink! ^_^

Swirls! i love this hehe

Swirls again! ^_^

Using soft stamp

Using Soft Stamp

ELENA Crackle Polish

just want to share my Kikay side..LOL 

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