Thursday, March 31, 2011


My boyfriend and i are pet lovers. ^_^ We love our dear doggie tedy sooo mucchh! He's a crossbreed of dachshund and AsPin(term we used in the philippines which means Asong Pinoy). Here's a picture of him

when he's 2months old

1 yr old

LOL see how he transformed?hehe! We love him dearly.. There is a saying..
"Its the HEART.. NOT the breed. a native d0g can LOVE you unc0nditi0nally..CARE 4 u, be LOYAL 2 u, and can MAKE U HAPI da same way any breed can."   ^_^

Aside from our dog teddy we also have LOVEBIRDS!!! ^_^
they are Tamed Lovebirds.. ^_^   These are some pictures. ^_^

Half-Sider Eyering


Wild Type

Wild Type

Albino and Pastel mauve

DDF Mauve Personata

Green Fischer

Unknown..haha why? doesn't have any feather right

African and Cockatiel

LOL there are all colorful and cute! How bout you? what's your pet? ^_^
till next time. xoxoxo

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