Friday, December 9, 2011

Rainy Nail Polish Haul + Splatter Nail Art


here here! :) i have a Splatter nail design, new polishes arrive and a gift from my friend Gelyn (thanks luk!) *hug*
first i wanna show you my Splatter Nail Art :)

i used:
Chic "love orchid"
Wet'n Wild "kaleidoscope"

then my orders from FAB UR NAIL SHOP just arrived!! :)
just click on the name to go to their FB Account

1 Nail art brush Set, 3 Holographic nail polish and 3 glitter polish 

here's a little teaser picture of the blue Holo(2nd to the left)

this photo is taken under artificial light plus camera flash
those holo polishes is a dupe of OPI Designer Series. Of course swatches will be posted sooooonnn... :)

and here's my Friend Gelyn gave to me,

there's a Sand Polish, Crackle polish, frosted and glitter polish, i love them all!! :) especially the Sand Nail polish. Actually i am not expecting them..haha i just ordered on her Shop then when the package arrive i saw these pretty polishes haha i love them all!!! :D

and here's Yuki  :) i'm wondering what's on her mind hehe!

actually i am dying to swatch them all but Mr. Sun is hiding!! ugh! 

hey Mr. Sun i am waiting for yah... please!! even an hour will do! :)
rain rain go away come again another day, little "neelai" want to swatch! rain rain go away!! T_T

until next post dear bloggers :D
wait for my swatches.. oh Mr. Sun!!!!! :P


  1. waw that splatter turned out great!

    love your new polishes, more holo's

  2. The splatter nail design is so lovely!


  3. The splatter nail design is so lovely!


  4. thanks ladies! :)

    @shannara - im a holo addict LOL :)


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